You Can Use Plastic Worms Fishing For Bass More Than You Think

  •      We are going to be looking into plastic worm fishing for bass. There will be some plastic worms that work well in warm temperatures, And there will be some plastic worms that work well in all seasons with a few adjustments. Sometimes these plastic worms work better than live worms. The combination of color, weight, hook and plastic worm is the winner to catching that big bass.

The Brands Of Plastic WormsShaky Head Rig

  •      This method is the Shakey Head worm. Now some anglers say the straight tail plastic worms work better. The popular brands used are Net Bait; Zoom and Strike King. The difference between the brands are size and color.
  •      We use the Strike King 8 inch and 10 inch bait worms and the Fat Baby Finesse worm,In Zoom, we use the Magnum Trick worm, Regular Trick worm, the Magnum worm and Regular Swamp Crawler. In Net Bait and the Zoom Trick worm are basically the same The Net Bait has a flatter head to fit on the screw lock better. Now here we have plastic worm fishing for bass.

In The Colors

  •      We will use light colored natural worms or dark worms. For dark worms we go with colors like e June Bug black or black blue. The natural colors we go with Plums, Green Pumpkin or Watermelon. We keep it simple when picking out the colors.
  •      Now when fishing in the summer, fish tend to be aggressive. The water temperature is warm. In the summer the fish go after the bait. They tend to not be so cautious. We can always fish our plastic worms aggressively all the time if we like. These are plastic worm fishing for bass.

Three Hook Sizes

  •      Here are three hook’s to use. A Canterbury Shakey Jig Head. This hook is good for a Trick worm or a Swamp Crawler or a Fat Baby Finesse. Next is the Magnum Stand Up Jig Head. hook. This is just a beefier hook. Then for the heavier worms like the Bull worms or the Magnum Trick worm We will use a Strike King Mag Head.
  •      All three of these hook’s comes with a screw locks. This is a big plus with the hook. Now we have three different head designs, three different hook’s but all similar. Each one just gets larger to adjust to the different worms. This is plastic worm fishing for bass.

Here Is How We Do Plastic Worm Fishing For Bass

  •      All of these add up to being simple We are just adjusting sizes. If we are catching a lot of fish, we go bigger. And the same goes if we want to catch bigger fish, we go bigger.
  •      By going with bigger worms, it will pass the smaller fish on by, there for attracting bigger fish
  •      We focus around shallow rock when fishing. In warm temperatures we will find lots of fish on the shallow rock. To fish it we drag the bottom, pulling the line, then reeling up the slack and repeat. Or shake it, then let it sit and reel up the slack and repeat. Or fish it full on, double rip and reel up the slack and repeat. On this fishing method we up size the worm and go heavier weights and a heavier head weight as well.
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Plastic Worms We Can Fish In All SeasonsDrop Shot

  •      Now here we are going to look into soft plastic worm fishing for bass anytime of the year. Here is the Drop Shot. It is hook above the line down to the weight. The hook down to the weight is called the : Tag On : that line being 10 to 15 inches. The Tag is 10 to 15 inches, depending on the season, we adjust that length. Our best weight to go with is a 3/16 once stick weight. We can run from a 4 pound to 12 pound line on a spinning rod. Our best to use for strength is a 6 pound to 8 pound line.
  •      Our best hook’s to go with is a 1 ott mosquito hook. When we run a thinner hook diameter, with a smaller hook, it puts pressure to reel the fish up And it will tear a bigger hole in the mouth and we lose the fish.
  •      Now when fishing the drop shot, we drag it. Keep the tip of the rod up to keep the nose of the worm up. Pull the tip of the rod towards us, then reel up the slack. DON’T bounce the rig.
  •      The Zoom Trick worm is going to work best on the Drop Shot

The Wacky RigWacky Rig

  •      The Wacky Rig works best with the Zoom Trick worm. We can use a ” Senko Style ” worm. Now the Senko Style may get us bigger fish but it is heavier and falls faster. It gets more distance and casts into the wind.
  •      The Zoom Trick worm drops slower with neutral buoyancy. It is lighter and will hang in the strike zone with more bites. Using the 1 ott mosquito hook with an 8 pound line. We fish the Wacky Rig on slack line and let it fall to the bottom. We can even leave the bail open. Reel it in to set the hook.

The Texas RigTexas Rig

  •      Now for the Texas Rig weight worm. For color anything with a red flake or green pumpkin will get the bite. We can use a 3 ott or a 4 ott. Worm hook with 8 pound line.
  •      We fish it into heavy cover without snagging it. Fish this Texas Rig with the rig falling going to the bottom with slack. This is how to catch the fish on this rig. “Leave Slack In The Line”!!!.

The Ned RigNed Rig Fishing

  •      With the Ned Rig we use a 3/16 ounce weight ball head with a 1 ott hook. Dragging a ball head jig on the bottom gives the worm action as it bumps things. A Ned Rig with a floating worm will give it the action to catch the fish. We can use a 2 to 5 inch worm.

See How Versatile The Plastic Worm Can Be Used

  •      All of these methods can be used for plastic worm fishing for bass. We have some methods for warm temperatures. And we have some methods for year round. It sounds like it would worth having some plastic worms and accessories handy in the tackle.
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