Winter Crappie Fishing In Oklahoma

Winter crappie fishing in Oklahoma can be fun in this season. Now brush pile or structure fishing is standard fishing at all times of the year. This time in the winter the crappie will get on the brush pile and sit right there. We are going to go over the depth to be fishing at. Using electronics to be helpful to find the right depth as well as locating the fish. We will be using a method called ‘ Double Dipping ‘ to catch the fish. The color of the water,murky verses clear, makes a difference in fishing methods as well as the color of the and white crappie

Winter Crappie Fishing In Oklahoma

In the winter time we start out looking for crappie in 20ft shallow water. We at times can find the crappie as deep as 30ft to 35ft too. With brush pile fishing we just have to find the right depth of water. Oologah lake is known foe being really great for winter time fishing. This is the place to be for winter crappie fishing in Oklahoma.

Brush pile fishing means mostly the brush piles are put in by man-made. Permission brush has to be asked to put in the brush piles. Some lakes have cor day that they put in the brush piles. Different times in a year, we will find the crappie on these brush piles. Also, depending on the time of the year effects the depth of the brush piles. The depth can be 20ft on one lake and 60ft on another. Now the crappie will most likely not be in 60ft deep. The depth maybe 30ft deep but the top of the brush pile may only be 17ft.Black crappie

Finding The Right Depth And Using The Right Rigging

By using electronics we will be able to find the brush pile and also the crappie on top of it. Winter crappie fishing in Oklahoma we find the crappie in deeper waters. Probably around 20ft to 30ft is the depth we are going to find the crappie on top of the brush pile.

We find using two jigs on our line to be effective in the winter time. In winter crappie fishing in Oklahoma we call it ‘ Double Dipping ‘. We take a rod in each hand and have two jigs per pole. We can use an 8 ounce, depending on the water color, to a 16 ounce weedless jig head. Now we fish it on top of the brush pile. This jig keeps us free most of the time. We use our electronics to set our jigs on top of the brush pile    Get this nowZebco CRFUL102LA.NS4 Zebco Crappie Fighter Spinning Combo, 4.3: 1 Gear Ratio, 10′ Length, 2Piece, 4-8 lb Line Rate, Ambidextrous

The rod can be a 10 ft or a 7ft. For deeper depth we use the 7ft rod because we will be reeling more. For shallower depth we use a 10ft rod to pull the fish right into the boat. If you would like to read up on reviews for best 5 crappie spinning rod and reel combos in 2020 click this link

Fishing The Brush Pile

When fishing the brush pile, we use our electronics to put the bottom jig right at the top of it. We may have to drop it 1ft lower if the crappie is not sitting on the top of the brush pile. We may find bigger crappie by going deeper into the brush pile. With as little as 1ft to 1. 1/2ft down into the brush pile.

A bit of wind helps to control the boat easier. When we are going along and find a brush pile, it’s a good idea to mark the brush pile with a bouy marker. We place the bouy marker up wind 10ft or more so we do not get the boat or trolley motor into the bouy marker.

After we find the brush pile, we use the electronics to put the weedless jig right on top of the brush pile. Now we may catch several crappie and think there is no more. This is where we drop the bottom weedless jig 1ft down into the brush pile to catch more crappie sitting in the brush.

Sometimes running two weedless jigs into the brush pile will snag, we can take off one of the jigs. When we get snagged on the brush pile we can straighten our hook out. That’s important in the winter time because our fingers do not work right due to the cold temperatures.crappie fishing

Using The Right Fishing Line

We use 20pd braid, 6pd diameter of what would be. Its small around but strong This is good to use in murky waters like lake Oologah. In clear waters, like lake Tenkiller, and you want to keep the braid on we can tie a fluorocarbon leader, about 6 to 8in leader. Or we can spool the line with mono filament or fluorocarbon. Find this now on AmazonCRFUL702LA.NS4 Zebco/Quantum, Crappie Fighter Spinning Combo, 4.3: 1 Gear Ratio, 1 Bearing, 7′ 2pc Rod, 4-8 lb Line Rate, Ambidextrous

The crappie will see the fishing line We may have to go to a smaller jig. In clear waters the crappie are more sensitive to the jig, fishing line, and to the boats. We may have to change the braid or mono filament from 6pd to 4pd. Depending on the color of the water, murky, we go with the color’s pumpkin and chartreuse, pink, orange and black and chartreuse weedless jig. In clear waters we go with pearl and pepper flake and blue and white color’s on the weedless jig.

In the winter time on lake Oologah the crappie may have no color because they are down deeper where the water is murky. On lake Tenkiller and lake Fort Gibson the crappie has a lot of nice color’s to them because the water color is clear. So the color of the water effects the color’s on the crappie.

We Should Not Shy Away From Fishing In The Winter Time

Just because it’s the cold winter we should not let that keep us from fishing. With the right equipment, we can bundle up and go fishing. There are some beautiful lakes to go fishing in Oklahoma. It sounds fairly easy to go fishing in the winter. Fishing is an exciting sport.

I hope you are able to take away something out of the article. Feel free to leave a comment or even a question. Or maybe even an experience. I will respond back.

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  1. Although I am a poultry farmer but I have always had my eyes on fishing, knowing that by the help of electronics we can detect the depth of the fish and the accurate location of the fish is awesome, like you rightly advised, we should still engage fishing in winter with right equipment.

    1. Fishing is so versatile. We can fish in any season of the year. Those who have a passion for fishing are the ones who will fish in the winter. There are some beautiful lakes in Oklahoma to go fishing in

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