What Are Some Of The Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures

  •           This time of the year, the bass are moving up to spawn in the pockets and pockets of the creeks. They are feeding as they go about and will eat just about anything. The bass tend to go for craw fish and bluegill. We are going to look into some of the best spring bass fishing lures.

Lipless CrankbaitsStrike red eye lipless crankbait

  •           There is a Striking Red Eye shad with a rattler. The bass seem to be right on it. Bass tend to go after the Lipless crank bait
  •           The Excalibur One Knocker and the Azuma One Knocker will both going to catch some bass fish.Azuma lipless crankbait
  •           LV-500 Lipless Crank is a three inch with a 3/4 ounce bait. The body has rattlers in it. The 3/4 ounce weight is in the front of the bait giving it a bullet cast.LV 500 lipless crankbait
  •           Jackall TN Lipless Crankbait is shaped that the outside lip helps when it hits the bottom it stands up straight. This feature on the lipless crank bait helps with slow reeling. This is some of the best spring bass fishing lures in lipless crank bait.Jackall TN lipless crankbait

Squarebill Crankbaits

  •           The Sixth Sense Crush Flat 75x It has one small rattler in it. It is a square bill crank bait. We can use orange or shad colors.
  •           Lucky Craft 1.5 Squarebill Crankbait is made to target heavy environments. You can bump it off of objects quite well.
  •           River2sea Biggie Squarebill Crankbait is great for fishing in shallow watersBiggie squarebill crankbait

Spinner Baits

  •           River2sea Bling Spinner bait allows easier rotating at slower reeling. The head help stabilizes the lure as well of bouncing off objects when reeling in. The best spring bass fishing lures can be easily found.
  •           The Revenge Deep Runner. This spinner bait is life like with eyes as well as changing colors.
  •           Colorado Blade Spinner Bait. When fishing that has lots of (lay down), we use a spinner bait. Stumpy stuff we go with the Colorado Blade spinner bait. Here we let it sink to the bottom and fish it slowly over the stump and brush.Colorado blade spinner baitproject Z lipless crankbait

Chatter Baits

  •           Project Z. You can get this bait down to the bottom and keep it down on the bottom. It goes through the grass really well. This time of the year there is grass on the bottom. A lipless crank bait will get hung up through the grass and the chatter bait does not .
  •           We reel in real slow allowing it to bump the bottom and grass as much as we can. The bass will hit it hard.
  •           Colors use black and blue and green pumpkin. Now we rig the chatter bait with a trailer. We use a trailer that has little action on it. The s Striking Blade Minnow is a good one to use. It has a little tail wag on it and it is made for chatter baits.

Jerk Baits

  •           Lucky Craft Stay See 90. The nose bill is angled down to go deeper on the pull lure does have rattle action and does great long casting.
  •           Jackall Rerange Jerkbait is great for twitching. Its weight slides from front to back for that casting action This is exciting finding the best spring bass fishing lures.

Jig, Swimbait, Glide Bait, The Rig and The Wooden Bait

  •           The jig resembles a craw fish and that is what the bass are biting. We cast out and let it sink to the bottom and keep it on the bottom and drag it slowly. Football, Finesse, Brush jigs. All of these work well. We still use a trailer with little action on it.Football Jig
  •           Swimbait-S Waver 168. This S Waver 168 shows a swimming action across the surface. By allowing our tip up, this surface lure rides the top and then sink the lure slowly.S-waver168 swimbait
  •           Explorer Glide Bait. This lure is life like. It has a joint in it to give it side to side glide.
  •           Bladed 5 wire A-Mob Jr is a compact umbrella rig with four spinner bait blades, It gives the appearance of a group of bait fish. This bladed 5 wire can hook multiple fish at the same time.Bladed 5-wire
  •           Bummer Flat A is a wooden bait with a bit of a rattle. It is good for working the bank. Now it is difficult to cast with a back lash, do to the lightweight. But once we have it down, this bait works when the other baits do not.

These Are Some Of The Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures

We always keep a few good selection of lipless crank baits in the tackle. Some time the bass like one way or another.

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