We Went Out To Find Some Best Crappie Fishing Jigs

  •           I have been writing posts on Bass fishing. So I thought I would look into another type of fish for this post. I found Crappie fishing to be popular with the local folks. Let’s look into some Best Crappie fishing jigs.

Some Basic Information We’ll Need to Know


  •           Fishing in the right depth, right color, right speed means Crappie. We start out with a variety of colors and shapes of jigs
  •           Water color plays a part in determining the crappie feedings. Crappies go by seeing the food. If they do not see it, they will not eat it.
  •           They say fish see a variation of colors in waters and brightness of levels. This may be why fish no longer go after a color that was biting and no longer are. Now plain waters, we use clear jigs. Poorly lit or muddy waters, we use illuminated jigs with non lighted combo jigs.
  •           Now for casting, we use jig-n-bobber method This is where we fasten the jig anywhere 12in to 48in below the float. We are aiming for the jig to be a bit higher from the fish. We can also just drop the line to the depth, reeling it up slowly.Now let’s find the best crappie fishing jigs

The Marabou Jig

Marabou Jig
Fishing Jigs
  •           There is the Marabou jig. It is a long known jig for crappie. The marabou jig is a jig that comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. Some have a buck tail and Cherill on it’s collar. Typically, 1/8 oz works good in the spring and summer. And 1/64 oz. works good in the winter. This sounds like the best crappie fishing jig already. This jig is versatile that fishes any heights, alone or a double rig, or bobber. The Marabou jig is cheap and to keep on hand. We find the chartreuse, yellow and white colors work well.

The Plastic Jig    Soft Plastic And Colors Bodys And Jig

  •           Here we have the ball or bullet head jig. It is just any jig with a plastic curly tail. There is a two tail minnow body that slides from the hook up to the head. These jigs can be changed on and off for a different look. The best working jig is called “Shad” and “Grub”. Here the colors white, chartreuse, yellow and white colors are good.

A Life Like Jig

  •           With this jig head it is placed inside of the plastic body. It has a life like look to it. Now this jig works good with slow crappie. I don’t know, this one is the best crappie fishing jig too. Also, with slow bites too. Use these jigs in any depth, singly, a double or bobber. We use 1 1/2 to 2 in size. Our color is white, yellow and chartreuse.

Other Styles Of JigsInline Spinner

  •           Crappie bites with jigs. We have some inline spinners, size 1 or 2. These are good for ponds and lakes. Now we can go with a 1  1/2 blade bait or a lip less crank bait 1 inch. There’s crank bait’s, minnow style, Long and slender profile. No more than 2 inches for deeper waters and smaller bill for shallow water.

This Sums It Up

  •           The research on the best crappie fishing jigs didn’t offer as much as I thought I would find. These are the best ones I could find. It does show crappie fish are popular. I did learn more about crappie fish.
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  • Feel free to leave a comment or questions or a experience. I will respond back.

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