Using Swimbait For Bass Fishing Can Be Exciting

  •           I found here some tackle and methods for swimbait for bass fishing. We need to look at our location. Color of the waters. The type of cover we will be fishing in. Are we in open waters?
  •           When fishing with smaller baits, we can use a jig rod with heavy action. The larger baits, its suggested using a Dobyns 807 mag rods. And all the rest of the medium baits its suggested to use Fury 806 affordable rods. We want to see that we have swimbait reels. For the line its recommended a heavy braid 65lb and 80lb. They have found at this lb line it has not broken on backlash.

The Glide Swimbait For Bass Fishingsoft swimbait

  •           We have two glide swimbaits. The cover and open water. And they are not the same thing. The cover swimbait tend to be cheaper too. They are smaller baits as well. We pick bold colors. This is so the fish see it farther away.
  •           Open water glide swimbaits are famous for the glide swimbaits. We can spend lots of money on these swimbaits. There is some in the mid-range that work quite well. The trick to the open water glide is its availability, the price is not out of range, they are consistent and they catch fish. Some good ones are the Hinkel, 230 gain craft and the S waiver 200. The S waiver 200 swimbait can have a wide enough glide to be an open water swimbait and tight enough glide to fish in the cover. The S waiver 200 is a cross over and will fish both. The 230 gain craft is a refined swimbait.

Cover Glide Swimbaits Are Used Around Cover

  •           Open water glide swimbaits is a giant slow swim and relying on the fish to see it and follow it and eat it. The cover glide swimbait we used to fish around cover and tighter actions. Here we are trying to draw the fish out with aggressive action .
  •           Let’s look at the s waiver 168. We fish around a stump or tree or some brush. Throw the swimbait up near it. Reel up near the object slow, then two twitches and now repeat. Another cover glide swimbait is the Game craft 178. We have the one called Sneaky peek.
  •           We can use swimbait for bass fishing in boat docks, trees, brush and debris. Also in all colors of water. Those are the conditions we can use the cover glide swimbait.

Soft Swimbait Have Their On Style

  •           Soft swimbait for bass fishing. We use a natural bait in clear waters. We cast in the clear open water when the sun is high. The big bass eaters are hunting in the open waters. They see the distance in the waters when the sun is high. We just run the bait right over the top of the fish.
  •           With some soft swimbait we can use the off spray boot tail style. The reason being, the boot tail style gives a lot of action in medium reeling. It works well in dingy water.
  •           The trash soft swimbait we fish slower with. We cast out and reel in slowly across the bottom. The fat soft swimbait seems to stand up better while reeling.
  •           There is the kytech 6.8 and the 7.8 kytech soft swimbait. On the larger 7.8 kytech we can rig it on a beast stick. On the 6.8 kytech we can rig a beast too. Either we fish on the bottom with the beast or above the bottom above the debris with a different rigging fishing like a spinner bait.

Now For The Multi-Jointed Swimbaitsmulti-jointed soft swimbait

  •           Multi-jointed swimbaits in the 7in seem to be a good size to fish with. We can go up to a 8in size as well. The 7in bull shad works really well in getting plenty of bites as well as those big bites too.
  •           This category of swimbaits fish differently than the others. The multi-jointed swimbait is seen as an aggressive bait. We fish the muliti-jointed swimbait at high speeds, then pause, then high speed, repeat. Take the pause at the stomp or brush.
  •           Take this multi-jointed swimbait for bass fishing in the warm afternoon when the fish are moving up on the bank. This is a great time to use the multi-jointed swimbait. When the fish are moving around we fish at dawn and dusk. Now again we go with bold colors, they seem to work really good.

The Hardware Is Important Too

  •           We want to check the hardware on the swimbait. We may have to put on double split rings. We also check to see if they have hard hangers and if not replace them. This gives the hardware more movement for the range of motion. The fish can shake off the hook without the proper hardware
  •           Here is the swimbait for bass fishing. Feel free to leave a comment or experience. I will gladly reply back

4 Replies to “Using Swimbait For Bass Fishing Can Be Exciting”

  1. I’m a pretty novice fisherman and I only manage to get out a couple of times a year with my dad. He lives in Michigan and we mostly do inland lake fishing in smaller shallow areas in northern Michigan.

    The lake he lives on though has a lot of open water with a lot of tree stumps and a lot of submerged branches below the water that are easy to catch snags on.

    Do you have any specific recommendations from these lures to help ensure that I won’t constantly be pulling the boat around to remove snagged lures?

    1. Hello Craig. Thank you for your reply. The cover glide swimbait seems to work well. There’s the Game craft 178 and the sneaky peek too. In some of my earlier posts you can find some ideas too for cover fishing. Its nice to hear from other fishing people.

  2. Awesome post, man! I’ve actually gotten into bass fishing the past couple months and have been researching different methods of fishing them. It’s a lot more technique than I had any idea of! Fishing factors you mentioned, like color of the water and the type of cover, were completely foreign to me! There’s just so many different factors that go into it. 

    I understand your logic for using bold colors for your bait, as bass will see it better in the water. Makes me wonder why they even make blend-in colors for baits as they’re hard for bass to see in the water. I’m quickly realizing that fishing is an expensive hobby, as some of the swimbaits are crazy expensive. Super useful to know that Cover glide swimbaits are used around cover as well as the importance of the hardware. Thanks for the important tips! I’m just starting my fishing journey but am learning from your blog all the time! Look forward to more good posts! 

    1. Hello Koda. Thank you for your reply. I too am learning so much. There’s so little that I did not know. Now I am able to apply the tackle and methods as well. That’s  great you are getting into bass fishing. Feel free to reply again if you come across some experience you would like to share.

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