There Are Some Great Places To Go Bass Fishing In Oklahoma

  •    If you are in Oklahoma, there are many places to go bass fishing. There are some great lakes that have bass fish in them. It is a sunny beautiful day. The fishing gear is packed and we are ready for a day of bass fishing in Oklahoma. The day has been planned out for the lake we have chosen.
  •    I ran across a high school, here in Oklahoma, that has a fishing team. They treat this outdoor sport just like any other high school sport. The team is sponsored by Oklahoma Bass Nation. It is the Drummond High School. What a great thing that is going on here. A High School Fishing Team! This is a dream come true for these high school kids.

Lake Elmer Thomas For Bass Fishinglake-fishing

  •    Lake Elmer Thomas has good bass fishing. The lake has some transition areas from pea gravel types of bank and then comes into big boulders. They say you can do some sight fishing at this lake. This is a really clear lake.
  •    Lake Elmer Thomas has structure and cover and the way it has been managed by the Department of Wildlife Conservation is great. There is some great bass fishing at this lake.
  •    Bass fishing in Oklahoma at lake Elmer Thomas. The fishery here at the lake has many large mouth bass. This lake is popular for the large mouth bass. Here at Lake Elmer Thomas there is no size limit on fish you can take. Always check on the lake fishing regulations.
  •    Here is an odd tidbit. Lake Elmer Thomas is also popular in scuba diving. The lake is a No Wake zone.

Lake Arbuckles Is Good Bass Fishing In Oklahomalake-fishing

  •    You can catch bass here with the Carolina Rig. We do not hop it, we just pull the pole then reel up the slack and repeat. We want to drag the bottom. There’s the Jerk bait, we titch twitch and then pause and repeat. The bass will hit on the pause. On a soft plastic worm or a soft plastic shad, the bass are hitting them. The Biffle bug is another. We cast out to the rock bottom and slowly reel back, bumping it here and there.
  •    Using all of these baits, we can catch bass at Arbuckles Lake. Would you believe it, we can go downtown Oklahoma city and fish for bass too.
  •    Okmulgee Lake, First In Oklahoma “Trophy Bass Lake”
  •    The Okmulgee lake is designated Oklahoma first ” Trophy Bass Lake “. The Okmulgee lake is small in its size. It is surrounded by a lot of vegetation. There is a lot of reeds and eel grass.
  •    We can use a swim jig with a hammer crawl. For this jig we just go along popping it. Just keeping it below the surface. Also, there is the Biffle bug with we are flipping it. Always watch our line when flipping in shallow banks. This is important to catching more bass. The bass are hitting these baits.

Here Is A Few More Lakeslake-fishing

  •    Lake Tenkiller is known to have solid 3 lb in its waters. This lake is the clearest body of water for bass fishing in Oklahoma. Lake Tenkiller has a variety of bass fish. From large mouth bass, small mouth bass, black bass, white bass and stripped bass. Small mouth bass are hanging out on the rock ledges in deeper waters. Lake tenkiller has three heated fishing docks to fish in the winter. The current state record stripped bass was caught below tenkiller dam.
  •    Broken Bow lake is the deepest and clearest lake in Oklahoma. We can find large mouth bass, small mouth bass, spotted bass and sand bass at Broken Bow lake. Not having any areas of grass, it makes fishing challenging. Broken Bow is home to the Oklahoma state record large mouth bass.
  •    If we fish Lake Spavinaw, we can use top water baits. Like a walking bait or a square bill crank bait and the biffle bug (green pumpkin). The water at Lake Spavnaw appears to be clear.

Here is A Couple Of Fishing Tips

            •   Here is a tip; when the water starts to rise, the fish are no longer after the moving baits. And one more tip; if we use a silver weight on a flipping jig, it gives off a flash so the bass go after the bait.
            •    I hope you enjoyed the article and are able to take away some information. There are many more lakes in Oklahoma to fish in. These are just a few of them. Check out some great fishing items”





If you have any questions or comments , feel free to leave them. Or maybe you have an experience to share. I will respond back.

4 Replies to “There Are Some Great Places To Go Bass Fishing In Oklahoma”

  1. Hi
    I have a great experience of outdoor fishing. It really makes me joyful. I’m gonna become so excited when I go to for the outdoor fishing. Oklahoma it’s the place where have many lakes for outdoor fishing. And the place is very peaceful. When I was 8 years old, then I’m going to for the first outdoor fishing. I have remembered that, I caught two fishes and the moment was very funny. Your article reminds me of my childhood.

    1. Yes, I too have childhood memories. Except I’m from California. The lakes are peaceful. And they have a selection of bass for fishing too. Start up a conversation with other anglers around you and you will hear some fishing tips as well as the good fishing spots.

  2. Hi Connie!
    I am from Croatia and we have lovely sea! I am living on the coast in a tourist place where every ear thousands of people are coming. The sea is clear, great for swimming but also for fishing. many people do fishing in my place. It is a shame, I don’t. I did never have to much interest in it. The reason was that I needed always more action. But, fishing is a great activity and in my place, it is also a great sport. We have also a world champion in one category of fishing. It relaxes and it is really a skill. I know that from other fishermen! There are also many tricks involved. Actually, I went fishing with some friends on the boat on a deeper sea. Just a couple of times. It was a great experience.
    I am sure you have great places in Oklahoma’s lakes for fishing. You have so many lakes over there. I have never been to Oklahoma, but I am sure it is a great fisher place. I hope you will “catch” many fishes. 

    Thanks for sharing your fishing tips and lovely Oklahoma’s lakes!

    Best regards,

    1. The place you are at sounds like you have many activities around you. I myself has taken out a chartered boats and gone deep sea fishing. Oklahoma lakes has some beautiful landscape around them. The lakes offer a variety of species of bass fishing.Thank you for you comments.

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