Soft plastic fishing lures for Bass is so versatile when fishing

The soft plastic fishing lures for bass remains a popular way to catch bass. This sounds like a lot fun finding out. I can’t wait to find out other ways to fish for Bass.


The Texas Rig Texas Rig

  •           This is one of the easiest soft plastic lure. It protects the hook point inside of the plastic so it can be used through cover without snagging. This rig allows us to get into hard to reach places like grass, lay down trees, standing trees, bushes and rock for casting.

Rigging the Texas Rig

  •            We put a bullet weight on the line and tie up the line to the hook. Now for thick cover we can use a heavyweight. For open water we use a lighter weight. So we can feel what the soft plastic lure is doing on the bottom. Also, it helps it to go over cover. There is a peg we can attach to pin the weight to the soft plastic lure, but not for casting.
  •           We pierce the soft plastic lure in the center of the head onto the hook. Now feed the hook through the soft plastic lure and back out of it after an 1/4 in. Then push the soft plastic lure on the hook and over the bend of the hook. Now twist the soft plastic lure around, up over to the end of the eyelet of the hook. Arrange the hook on the eyelet so it lines up and straight out from the eyelet.
  •              With the soft plastic lure straight, look where the tip of the hook is to the soft plastic lure. Place the tip of the hook into the soft plastic lure just were the tip of the hook is about to pierce out the other side of the soft plastic lure. Now our soft plastic lure should be straight from the eyelet to the tip of the hook.
  •                We need to look to see if there is enough gap between the soft plastic lure and the shank of the hook. If the soft plastic lure is to thick, we may need to change our hook. The wide gap is for piercing space and room for the soft plastic lure to clear the hook point.

The Carolina RigCarolina Rig

Rigging the Carolina Rig

  •             The Carolina rig is similar to the Texas Rig with the hook tip inside the soft plastic lure. Now the weight is set apart from the soft plastic lure with a leader and a swivel and a bead to protect the knot. It gives the soft plastic lure more freedom of moving when dragged through the bottom of large areas.
  •             The Carolina rig is an effective rig for soft plastic fishing lures for bass. This rig covers a large area of water quickly with it being a soft plastic fishing lure.
  •              Keep in mind if rigging a larger soft plastic lure, we want to use a larger hook for a wide gap from the shank of the hook to the soft plastic lure.
  •              We now tie our hook to a leader of line. Just for the sake of a rule of thumb, we will put the leader 1 ft to 2 ft. Keep in mind a fish can move the soft plastic lure and with our weight sitting on the bottom creating slack.
  •               After we tie our hook to the leader, we slide the weight up the line, then tie it to a swivel. Now we attach the leader to the other end of the swivel.
  •               There is those that will tie a bead to cover the knot from the weight. Keep in mind, some beads can cut the line. We can change our weights and leader lengths to give the soft plastic lures a different action.

The Drop Shot RigDrop Shot Rig

Rigging The Drop Shot Rig

  •                 The Drop Shot rig seems to be the most used for pressured bass. The clear water bass find them to be appealing. Here we have the weight at the bottom and it’s hook up the line where the soft plastic lure is off the bottom. It’s fished vertically or in targeted deep waters.
  •                  The Drop Shot now has hooks with swivels which seems to work quite well nowadays. We tie a hook with a 13 to 17 in tag end and this will make the soft plastic lure stand out.
  •                   Now for the weight. We can go with the bell weight or the Drop Shot weight with a clip. Be sure to tie a knot on the end of the line.
  •                    Now for the worm. When we put our worm on, we can go under the chin to and out the nose. We also have the option to go with the Texas rig style.
  •                     Here we have options again with our leaders and weights. We can change the lengths of the leader, from the soft plastic lures, to the weights. Also, we can use different sizes of our weights too. We can go with 4-6 in soft plastic fishing lures for bass, as well as our hooks from No. 6 to No.1.

The Wacky RigWacky Rig

  •                   The Wacky Rig presents a lifelike fall and a twitching motion that works in shallow and deep water.

Rigging The Wacky Rig

  •                   We can wet the o-ring or the soft plastic lure we want to put the o-ring on. They say the Wacky rigging tools works well. We want to place the o-ring close to the middle of the soft plastic lure.
  •                    Now we want to place our hook under the o-ring snug. We want it to stay in place as we fish our target spots.

The Neko RigNeko Rig

  •                     Like the Wacky Rig, the Neko Rig uses a hook under the o-ring. What makes this different is the weight placed inside of the head. It gives a stand up and looks like it’s feeding on the bottom. It also can catch pressed bass.

Rigging the Neko Rig

  •                      Here we can wet the o-ring or the soft plastic lure we want to put the o-ring on. Here again, we want to place the o-ring close to the middle of the soft plastic lure. Now we place our hook under the o-ring.
  •                       Now we place a nail or a nail weight in the head of the soft plastic lure facing down, away from the hook point. This is important or we won’t hook the fish. We now have a soft plastic lure that’s stands up on the head when we twitch our pole.

This Has Been Fun

  •                           This has been fun learning about some soft plastic lures. I’m excited to just go out fishing in this winter, now that I’m learning
    I can fish in the winter! How about you?!? I can tell you one thing, I’ve been using soft plastic fishing lures for bass all this time when I thought they were jigs. LOL. I have enjoyed learning more ways to fish for Bass. I hope you enjoy the post. Feel free  to leave a comment.

10 Replies to “Soft plastic fishing lures for Bass is so versatile when fishing”

  1. I think the coolest thing here is how different rigs appeal to certain types of fish and how they appeal. Back when I fished, I never knew different types of bait even did this. Like, there had to be a purpose behind them, but never looked any further until today. It’s even fascinating to see how some types of rigs work in shallow or deep water, so that was also something new to me. 

    1. Thank you. There is still so much more to learn.I enjoy fishing with the family. It will be just that more exciting to go fishing knowing there is now more ways to catch the fish.

  2. Hello,

    Fishing can be very exciting when you catch a big find but it’s a sport that teaches patience. Sadly though I use only crude implements for my fishing. Seems this lures are only for catching bass fish. Could I also use them for a different specie of fish?

    Thanks for sharing, warm regards

    1. Thank you. During my research I’m learning it may apply to other fish. To me the concept is similar. When I read the oklahoma fishing report it states what fish are biting on what. When it says jigs, I’m going to see if it will apply to other fish.

  3. Fishing is my life and I love finding new websites and new articles.  many of the options you showed you directed at bass.  As I am from Alberta Canada we dont have bass but what we do have is lots of walleye.  And many of what you showed is exactly what I use for Walleye.

    Thank you for taking the time to share something that I am so passionate about.  I cant wait to check the rest of your website out.



    1. Yes, it is about bass. A bass was the first fish I catch out here in Oklahoma. I’m finding there is so much to learn about fishing. 

           Thank you for taking the time to comment 

  4. Thanks for this informative post, I for one hasn’t used this plastic fishing lures before now, I haven’t even seen one,  this is actually the first time I’m hearing about It, I’m definitely going to give this a try honestly to see its effectiveness and maybe compare and contrast.  Thanks once again for this new idea 

    1. Thank you for the comment. I say lets try to it. Heck I will read in the fishing report catfish are biting on hot

  5. Yes this fun learning about those fish lures they all look great and we’ll made . I my self I am not into fishing that much but I have my friend who can’t miss aweekwd with shallow water fishing but the type of fishing lures that they ate know in need to introduce them to these day age fishing lures that they can fish like no one business.

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