Looking Into Night Time Bass Fishing Tips

  •      Have you ever heard some anglers talk about going fishing when it is a full moon? There are lots of light during that time. Here we are to learn what types of bait work well in a full moon or a new moon. The darkness does throw off our perception. We may cast to short or cast to far. It just takes some practice of fishing at night. There is some great night time bass fishing tips we are going to find.

Night Time Bass Fishing Tips

  •      We start off with going to the bottom fishing slow. We use a big worm and a jig with a big creature bait. We can fish off a boat or bank fishing, we slow down when fishing on the bottom. It’s going to be a worm or a jig.
  •      Here’s a night time bass fishing tip. Fishing at night, the fish go after one or the other. The fish is either biting after the jig or the Texas rig. This is where we need to be ready to do both, fishing at night time.
  •      We want to rig the Texas rig with a big hook. We place a bobber stop about two inches above the worm, then a brass weight and a glass bead. Use a Ten inch Black Powder worm. The reason we use a brass weight and a glass bead is to make a lot of racket, getting the attention of the fish.
  •      Now with the jig with a creature bait, we use the color black or black on blue. With the jig, the darker the night,the darker the color. The lighter the night we go natural colors, brown or brown and green pumpkin.
  •      With these baits we fish them on the bottom, slow, shake them, then drag, then shake them. We want to make a little ruckus down there. On the darker nights we may want to put a rattle on jig. On the nights the fish are biting on the Texas rig, we may want to try a brush hog.

Now For The Crank Baits And Spinner Baits

  •      We use deep crank baits at night time. On color, we go with chartreuse blue or white any shade. And on dark, dark nights go with black or red.
  •      The Ten XD and the DD22 go with dark colors. All have deep drive on the bottom and all make lots of noise and rattles. If there is a lot of light in the night time, go with bright colors. On a full moon for example, there is more light and the fish can see, like the chartreuse or white. The less light at night time, the fish go by feel.
  •      If the crank bait is going deep and getting stuck, change up the crank bait. If fishing shallower, do not use a crank bait.
  •      Here’s a night time bass fishing tips. If we are fishing in a lake that has heavy shad population, throw a spinner bait with a double willow. The lighter the night time, the lighter the color. Every spinner bait sounds different under water. Somehow the spinner bait with the double willow mimic a shad very well.
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Let’s Not Forget The Chatter bait And The Swim Jig

  •      It is not heavy shad population, go with the chatter bait or a swim jig. The chatter bait has a better hook ratio. With the chatter bait, all the vibration is in the line with the hook. The fish tend to take in the whole thing. There’s where the hook ratio comes in. We may want to start with the chatter bait with low shad population. That was a good night time bass fishing tips.
  •      The swim jig we start with the California swim jig 1/2 ounce wit a 4.8 chi tech because of the large hook. Our colors are chartreuse and blue, called a citrus shad. And a tactical shad and any bluegill colors. Again more the lighter night time, we go with bold color. And the darker the night time, we go with natural colors.
  •      The swim jig can appear to look like a number of things. IE. shad, bluegill or a bass ect. With the swim jig we can slow down and reel it real slow on the bottom and when it bumps on something, just let it free fall and reel it real slow to get the inactive fish. Or fish it fast, pause and twitch and draw reaction strikes at feeding time.
  •      Some anglers say in the water, the skirt puffs out making the swim jig to appear big. The bass can see in the dark. They see the swim jig and start to follow it. Now we are reeling it real slow, dragging bottom. When, the swim jig hits something (IE rock) it gives a shock wave. And what happens the skirt puffs up. It’s mimics a startled bait fish and the bass strikes the swim jig.
  •      If we want to try swim bait for night time fishing, we should try a chi tech 6.8 swim bait. Rig it up weedless and drag the bottom fishing.

Saved The Best For Last

  •      Now for the top water weight baits. If fishing around cover of any kind or grass, we need a bait with a lip on it. It will work good on bank fishing. There’s going to be some good night time bass fishing tips.
  •      Here’s two weight bait with a lip we can try. A BBZ 8 inches and the Spro BBz 50 rat. A weight bait pushes a V wave in the water The fish will see the V wave and get up on it and will strike. At night time the fish can not tell the difference if it is real or not.
  •      The BBZ 8 inches is reasonably affordable. It is also short and stumpy with a large profile and has a fiber tail. The tail is flexible and does not get in the way of a strike. If we get a strike at night time, the fish will go for the middle The odds are high to get that hook.
  •      The Spro BBZ 50 rat is reasonably affordable too. It swims with the head down and the tail up. It makes a bulging wake. The tail does not get in the way of the strike and the fish will grab one or both hooks. It make a lot noise to get the fishes’ attention.
  •      Here we have a Spro BBZ 50 and it comes in four colors. We fish this bait in open water. It makes a lot of noise, has a soft tail and no lip. The fish will strike on the hooks.

So, When Do We Do Night Time Fishing

  •      We can fish all night until it gets light. We want to fish night time 3 days before and after a Full Moon. And we want to fish night time 3 day before and after a New Moon. The fish feed more during these peak periods.
  •      When fishing in murky or muddy waters, fish during a Full Moon. The moon brightens the waters.
  •      When fishing clear waters, the best time to fish is during a New moon.

Here is one more night time bass fishing tips is…braided line works best, it gives us a faster reaction time.

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