Looking Into A High End Fishing Rod-Piscifun Serpent One Piece IM7 Rod Review

Piscifun Serpent One Piece IM7 Carbon Blank Casting Rod Review

The description states ” Piscifun serpent one piece bait casting rod, Fuji line guides, IM7 carbon blank casting rod, tournament performance, lightweight, well balance fishing rod incredibly sensitive”. This sounds like a high end fishing rod. The Piscifun serpent IM7 rod review .                                                                Product: Piscifun serpent one piece IM7 carbon blank fishing rod.                                                                                                                                                                                 Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com

IM7 Carbon Blank

  •         These serpent fishing rod are made up of their high standard IM7. They say ze ro coatin g with a x shaped carbon fiber blank. This makes it 10 percent lessen the weight and 50 percent tougher than some o ther rods. Put together with all of these parts delivers sensitivity and strength.Carbon Blank

Fuji Guides

  •         The deep pressed frame give this rod powerful durability in some extreme situations in fishing by using contact fro m the frame and in sert. This quality inserts gives great strength to battles and casts for different lines. All in all this serpent rod comes with high quality Fuji line guides. The Fuji guides have a neat little design to hold up and not fall apart.Fuji Guides

Premium An ti slip Grips

  •         This comfortable and non-slip handle works in all conditions handling big fish and hook sets, Its durable with long casts. The grip on the rod is incredible. Its golf like grips wet or sweaty hands does not slip on the handle. This non-slip grip gives a great performance in a day of catching big fish.

These Rods Are Top Notch Level

  •         The rods are tested by pros as well designe d for pros to make sure you are good to go with the right rod at a great price. All of this equals a high end fishing rods.

Worry Free Warranty

  •         The Piscifun rods also come with a warranty as well. They stand behind their products.

A High End Fishing Rod

Piscifun Serpent One Piece Baitcasting Rod – Fuji Line Guides, IM7 Carbon Blank Casting Rod, Tournament Performance, Lightweight, Well Balanced Fishing Rod Incredibly Sensitive 7’6″ H

  •         Men and women test the limits at their best. In tournament conditions, using the right rod and reel combo makes all the difference. With new technology they came up with a rod that not only is strong, but light and sensitive as well. The rod is very well-balanced. This rod has great strength for the big bite, but sensitive for the little bites too. They say its great for throwing a lipless cranks, jigs and topwater. There is a neat little feature, a nice hook keeper. Piscifun has its logo on the rod too.Stats

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