Let’s Look Into Some Big Bass Fishing Tip’s

  •             Every time I write a post, I get excited about the subject of fishing. I’m always learning new ideal’s about fishing. I hope you get excited too about fishing from learning new idea’s. Let’s look into some Big Bass fishing tip’s.Boy Fisherman At Sunset

Does Noise Have An Affect When Fishing

  •            Now here is another big bass fishing tip. Noise is a contributing factor while fishing. The older fish are loners. Older fish respond to noise quicker and will stay down. They also avoid the bait too. The older fish pick up on boat motors and peoples voices as well. They are in “red flag” stage. So we want to be going slow when a boat. And we sure don’t want to be driving our boat over the spot we want to be fishing.
  •            We will need to have a strong pole and a reel with 17 lbs or higher, that casts a good distance. Farther the line goes, the less noise there is for the fish out there. This is a Big Bass fishing tip worth hearing about.The Fisher Women

Weather Conditions

  •               Cloudy conditions work well for catching big bass. Now on these cloudy days before a storm, it triggers feeding. And the day after its hard to get the fish to eat. Early morning and nighttime is also a good time to go fishing. When we are expecting rainy weather and its raining is a good time too. The weather change impacts when the Big Bass are biting because of the air pressure dropping.
  •                  November thru March is the prime time to be catching Big Bass. Now November is the month to be catching that trophy fish. Now that’s a Big Bass fishing tips.
  •                 The sun plays a role too. When the UV index is low you will find fish in the shallow waters. When the UV index is high it causes shadows and the fish stay in pockets.
  •                  Winds disguise the bait and we can use a bigger bait. In dingy water we can use the color white for baits and even rattlers to grab their attention.Fishing In The Rain

Where The Big Bass Are

  •                    We want to be looking around boat docks, areas where rocks become sand and weeds become hydrilla. These are the places we want to be fishing for big bass

Here are just a few baits. A key one to catching a big bass is a long 12in slender soft plastic worm. Those big bass like to sit in the pockets of the grass, brush or wooded spots and the worm can get to those spots. One Big Bass fishing tip is we are fishing for those 3-5 big bites.Fisher Man

Here Are The Popular Baits

  •                   Buzz baits. Here we will run a black horny toad on the buzz bait. Buzz baits are running on the top of the water showing that it is in distress by making a lot of noise. It may appear to the fish that the bait is large, running across the water and gets the attention of Big Bass.
  •                    Swim baits catch Big Bass. Here is another Big Bass fishing tip, Big Bass go after big bait. Swim baits can be used in dingy waters. Its best time for a swim is in late fall to mid spring is prime. It is a big bait about 7 inches and bigger.
  •                    Hollow body frog. Go with black bottom or a natural. This is a big meal for a Big Bass. Top water bait. This is a walk the dog style bait. Top water bait draws the Big Bass on calm waters.
  •                   Squarebill crank bait. This crank bait deflects off the rocks. We go with black and red. This is a search bait, its looking to be hit by Big Bass. When fishing with a crank bait is to reel fast and bounce off everything. The good times to fish this bait is fall and spring.
  •                    Jigs have been known for catching Big Bass for some time now It can look like a craw fish when the trailer is on. The football jig has been known for catching Big Bass. We work this bait slow, dragging it on the bottom.
  •                    Spinner bait can be used all year round. We go with black and red We drag this along the bottom.Rod And Spinner Reel With Soft Plastic Rig

I Hope We Have Found Big Bass Fishing Tips

  •                     I hope we have learned some good fishing tips. . I have been able to use the information from all of these posts and apply it with my fishing. Of course, I was excited about learning more about fishing. I don’t feel so much in the dark. I hope you have enjoyed the post. Feel free to leave a comment.

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