Learning Some Basics About Trout Fishing For Beginners

  •       Fishing is exciting. And learning to fish for another kind fish is even more exciting. Trout fish can be found at lakes and streams. At these places they can be stocked trout fish as well. Here is a few simple things we can carry with us for trout fishing for beginners. It’s helpful to carry a nail clippers to cut the fishing line and a nail file to sharpen the hook. The hook can become dull from bumping off the rocks.

Trout Are SensitiveTrout Fish

  •       We can use a light to medium weight spinning rod for trout fishing for beginners. Trout are sensitive fish. We will need to use a low resistant float. The reason being the round floats are heavier and the trout may spit out the hook. The low resistant float, the trout does not feel the float as much due to the tear shaped of the float.

Size 6-10 Hook On A 2 lb Leader

  •      We can start out with a size 6-10 hook. Bait barbs are helpful to have on the hooks. This helps keep the bait on the hook, IE. worms. This size hook works well with live small minnow bait. We need to put on Two split shot weights. We can space them one foot apart. By doing this we keep the fishing line to stay vertical.


  •      We use a two pound leader that the hook is attached to the fishing line using a loop knot. We can use a swivel in place of the loop knots too. The trout fish are smart enough to know that something is not right. Using heavier fishing line, the fish pick up by seeing the heavier line.

Lake Fishing For Trout For BeginnersTrout fishing on the lake

  •       When putting the live minnow on the hook, we hook it behind the dorsal fin so the live minnow will swim. Fishing with live minnows, we need the timing right to set the hook. When using the low resistant float and the float pulls down into the water, we wait one second before we set the hook. If we miss a bite, leave it alone for a few seconds to see if the fish strikes again.
  •      We also should set our drag fairly easy because of the two pound leader, we let the fish run some of it.

Now When It Comes To Stream FishingTrout fishing at the stream

The stream fishing we take off the float. This is all about presenting the bait to the fish. Now the bait can be pulled along the bottom. When this happens, the trout fish see this as not being natural and not bite the bait.                     We are using the wax worm bait for stream trout fishing.We feed the wax worm bait along the hook. The trout fish will take the bait in its mouth.       In stream trout fishing for beginners we look for fallen down trees. The trout will sit just on the other side of it in the calm water. Also, we look for two streams that come together. Look for deep spot too.

The Biggest Trout Fishing For Beginners Mistakes

  •      Do not make to many casts in the same place if we are not getting bites. Move on. Streams are more clear water therefore the trout fish are more likely to pick up on our vibrations. We will find more hungry trout fish and increase our catch rate.
  •      Do not walk up to a pool of water. Cast into the pool of water from a distance. It is less likely the trout fish will see us from a distance
  •      When observing we need to stand in the shadows. The trout peripheral vision will see us if we are standing to long observing to long.
  •       The rod or reel may spark a reflection from the sun and possibly jewel too. These things can reflect into the water
  •       The trout can pick up on vibrations of noise. We do not want to be to loud. We maybe fish with others. NOISE does affect the Fish.
  •      We do not wear bright color clothing. We want to blend in with our surrounding. The trout can see the bright colors with their peripheral vision.
  •      Do not fish down stream. The trout are facing up stream waiting for the food. The trout can see us walking down stream towards them. Walk up stream casting up stream.

Trout Fishing Is Fun For EveryoneFamily trout fishing

If you have any comments or question, fell free to drop them in the box. Or an opinion or experience. I will respond to them.

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  1. I was at Walmart the other day with my dad and he was telling me about how he wants to start fishing again and that I should join him on a fishing trip this year.. He’s getting his fishing license again when it gets warmer up here in the east coast. I’m still a bit iffy about it since I have no clue how to fish and what I’m getting myself into, My dad and I have different interests I guess. He loves trout though old man could practically live off that stuff. Great read though, ill take your tips and see how things go. 

    1. When we live inland, trout fishing is the way to go.I was young when I was introduced to trout fishing. The get together for the fishing is memorable. We enjoy each others company. Many places stock their trout just for recreational fishing. Thank you for sharing

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