Ice Fishing Tips For Northern Pike

There is some great information here. We will read about the rigs with the hook and line. The different types of bait we can use. And the depth of our line. Now we can use a short or long rod or the tip-ups to catch our pike. We will find much ice fishing tips for Northern Pike throughout the article. Our location is important too, we need to know where to locate the Northern Pike. It’s important to carry our tools with and know how to handle the pike too. And we can bring along our family and friends too.

The Hook And Line Rigs

We hook the bait so it hangs horizontal….. That is the Zero Fluoro Rig. The zero Luoro rig has the hooks come together and not get caught on the bottom of the ice when pulling the fish up.

Now to use Dacron line, a heavy line 40lb to 60lb test. The heaver line rolls off the spool easier. The heavier line is easier on the hands. Use heavy-duty leaders either heavy flora carbon or steel or titanium and a treble hook. Make sure our components are heavy-duty, If we use lighter leader and catch a large pike, it is going to break the components.

Another way to hook our bait is a single hook in the middle of the back and a treble hook in the nose. A 75% of the fish come on the nose hook. This is a good ice fishing tips for Northern pike is the single hook does not get hooked on the ice when reeling up the fish.

Here we run our hook is just a single treble hook on a heavy flora carbon leader with a rubber core.


The best bait for catching Norhtern Pike, is dead bait from a 1ft to 5ft off the bottom The dead smell attracts the fish to find the bait.

Here are the types of bait fish. Cisco, Huron, blue gill, sardines, mackerels. Look for only bait that dissipates a scent and silver shining.


As a rule of thumb we look at the bigger bodies of water that have open water cold bait fish, we will find big pike. At the big lakes we will find big shallow bay, we will find Norhtern Pike. We have to remember the pikes are rolling through these spots. The pike roam the weed lines and we put the tip-ups, the pike are following a path.

Some tip-ups will be more hot than others. Be sure to carry the necessary tools on us so we have them at the time of the tip-ups. Here is some good ice fishing tips for Northen Pike. At a great big flat feeders base, the pike transition over the deep water that’s adjacent to it and coming to the big flats to feed on.

These flats can have Cisco, white fish and perch. We set are tip-ups at places like these. We wait for the pike to come in and back out. This is Precambrian Shield lake style when we go for Northern Pike is trying to get into these back shallow bays and waiting. Primary structure of any long bar or reef in the lake has good odds of catching a Northern Pike.

With the fish roaming along the edge of reefs and points, there will be one or two holes that will be hot. Pike are aggressive fish. Now to sit for an hour and nothing, then two pop up at the same time. Then all of a sudden some weather rolls in, and things change. It is in these small window and things get intense, with all the tip-ups popping up.

The Tip-Ups Set Ups And The Northern Pike

When the pike runs out too much line, it gives the pike time to run up into the weeds.

There are times we may think we lost the fish a few seconds after setting the hook. And it turns out the fish turns and will bolt right at the hole. And they come charging and they feel like they just popped off the line. Stick with them and pull back as fast and hard as you can and we will catch up to the pike.

We don’t set the hook on the circle hooks. We just ease right into them and it will set itself. Now to use a long rod, here is the ice fishing tips for Northern pike, it does not have to be a tip-up.

When the Pike is thrashing at the hole, just let the pike do it or let the pike go on another run. DO NOT pick the pike out of the water using the line, the pike may barely be hooked.

When targeting, Big Pike we use the Big Tip-Up. They have Big arbors and we can put a lot of line on it. Some of these pikes are going to run real hard and fast. If we are working on one tip-up and there is another flag on another tip-up, it is going to take time before we get to it. It helps to have a lot of line on the tip-up. An ice fishing tips for Northern Pike is when checking on the tip-up, it helps to pull on the line up and let it go back down. The flag may pop up when we walk away.

Now to use wind tip-ups or Straight bar tip-ups or thermal cover tip-ups.



Ice Fishing Tips For Northern Pike

Now to use a cheap rubber band on our line to mark our depth of the line we are dropping. Now to use a depth finder weight instead. In 7ft to 13ft of water, we want to be at 2ft to 6ft off the bottom or right underneath the ice.

Here is an ice fishing tips for Northen Pike is to slide the tip-up into a PVC pipe for storage and keep them tangle free.

At the end of the season we can take our flora carbon leader, that is coiled up into a mess, and hook the hook on something. Now put tension on the line and take a rubber core and run it back and forth. It will knock out the coils.

It is key when fishing shallow waters and we have to run to the flag but when we reach a 10yd radius we slow down and sneak in. Walk in quiet. When we pound our feet, on the snow or ice, we spook the fish under the ice and the pike will fighter run hard with the bait or drop it completely. The large fish will more than likely to drop the bait and not hook it.

Protect the hands before the tip-up goes off. We don not want to show up at the tip-up with cold hands. It is a MUST that we be prepared for the elements when ice fishing.

Invite The Family And Friends

One neat thing about tip-up ice fishing for pike, we can go as a group with family and friends. There is idle time and we get together and enjoy it as a whole. Bring the kids. Make a game to get to the tip-ups. Bust out the BBQ and cook up some brawts and fish. Play some jokes. Have a snow ball fight. It can be a family affair.

Enjoying The Adventure

We take care of the Northern Pike on a catch and release. Keep the pike in the water when taking out the hook. Only take the pike out to measure him and to take a picture and get the pike back into the water to release. If the pike is out to long, his eyes will freeze and he will die. Also, holds the pike horizontal to lift and only turn vertical to take a quick picture or measure.

We have gone over the leaders, rigs and line. We learned about bait fish. Also, locations to fish. And tip-ups.

I hope you are able to take away something from the article.

Feel free to leave a comment or a question or even an experience. I will respond back.

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