Ice Fishing Tips For Crappie

  •           These ice fishing tips for crappie is in the middle of the winter. Lake ice fishing is popular. With the right equipment, ice fishing is fairly easy. As well as wearing the right gear too. Ice fishing can take on a search mode until we find that school of crappie. Team work works out well and betters the odd.

Finding The Right Spot To Start FishingJigging rod

  •           An ice fishing tips for crappie is to have a depth map of the lake where we will be fishing. This tells us the right depth and the right bottom to the conditions we are looking for. This helps us to eliminate the other areas in the middle of winter.
  •           When we are over the deep basin, the crappie are right on the bait. Crappie fish are feeders. We find an area of the lake that has to be a consistent bottom without having any hills in it. The area is flat with a soft bottom like mud. The depth will need to be 30 to 35 feet. Now here is where the warm water is in the lake in the winter.
  •           The water closest to the surface is around 32 degrees and shallower water in the afternoon as the water heats up. This keeps the crappie’s metabolism high so they will feed towards the surface. During ice fishing the crappie do not chase food.
  •           We want to have 10 ice holes. Two ice holes are not going to work. The crappie are always moving around.icefishing

Using The Right Kind Of Tackle

  •           Ice fishing tips for crappie is to use tungsten. The lead jigs sink slower. The tungsten jigs sink faster. When the crappie are moving through, timing is important because the fish are always moving.
  •           We use a jig with on the ball double eye hook and a crappie jig. They both will work for the black crappie and the white crappie too.
  •           The black crappie tend to go for the ones that look like insects and larvae. The white crappie tend to go for the ones that look and moves like minnows. We can use a soft plastic minnow.
  •           The 1/16 and 1/32 ounce head are good. We have to use the small ones in the winter. The chartreuse and white works great for black crappie Ice fishing tips for crappie is to use the 3 lb sufix ice magic line. The diameter of a higher lb line will cause the line to sink slower. Timing is important.
  •           Crappie love live bait. From minnows and wax worms. We need to change the live bait after 15 minute or so. The live bait looses it scent.

We May Catch A Black Crappie Or A White CrappieCrappie

  •           The black crappie and the white crappie change colors from season to season. Now if we count the spines at the dorsal fin we can tell the difference between the black crappie and the white crappie. The black crappie has seven or eight spines. And the white crappie has only six spines.
  •           The Black crappie and the white crappie feed in the morning and night. Crappies have this energy conserving eating pattern. They find their prey by sight by stopping to hunt. Here the crappie save their energy by not cruising to eat. By knowing this, we have an advantage. Once we locate a school of fish, we can keep dropping our line catching fish.
  •           Due to the cold weather, the crappie are running slow.

How To Find More Fish On Our Transducer

  •           When we drop our transducer in to the water we want to give it a swing. The reason for this is to see where the fish are at. We may drop it straight down and not see any fish. By swinging the transducer we may see the fish in front but not straight down. This expands the area of fishing

A Few Necessary ThingsTeamwork

  •           Now a lot of anglers will go fish where other anglers have bored the ice holes. And that may work out if we do not have the equipment needed to strike out on our own.
  •           By being equipped with a power auger, portable sonar, a jigging rod, assortment of jigs and bait needed to go out on our own. And there is the basics, sled to haul the equipment, bait bucket, seat and minnow net.
  •           We may need to move around the ice holes to find a school of fish.
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I hope you were able to find some ice fishing tips for crappie. Feel free to leave a comment, question or experience. I will respond back.

6 Replies to “Ice Fishing Tips For Crappie”

  1. Thanks for an excellent post. I’ve heard about ice fishing but have always wondered how it could possibly work. It’s definitely felt like a shot in the dark… or the ice pardon the pun but your article makes a lot of sense about how to do it effectively. The transducer sounds like a really valuable tool to make it easier to actually find and catch some fish. 

    1. Yes, there are some necessary equipment for ice fishing. It’s neat how the do it. They make it sound so easy with all of that equipment. Thank you for taking the time to read the article 

  2. Hey there Connie. I enjoyed reading your article about ice fishing for crappie. At first I wasn’t sure what crappie meant. I assumed it meant ice fishing tips for crappy fishers. In that case I would consider myself one lol. As you see I am in need of all the help I can get lol. After reading your article I now understand the difference and that crappie is a type of fish to go fishing for. Im gonna be going on my first ice fishing trip in a few months and Im trying to learn as much as I can. This article really helped me understand what some common terms mean in the ice fishing world. Thank you for that and thanks for sharing this well thought out article. 

    1. Kuddo’s to you for planning a fishing! I hope you will be able to find this ice fishing tips useful. It sound exciting except for the cold. LOL. Good luck on your trip. Thank you for taking the time to read the article

  3.  I’ve never been ice fishing but after reading your page I definitly know a lot more about ice fishing than i dd prior to this post. Your page looks well organized and very well  layed out.It was easy for me to read. You have a lot of posts and look likes you have put in a lot of work and research.Great article!!

    1. I can not say that I have been ice fishing myself. But I have been in the upper states. Thank you for your time to read my article.

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