I just love using jigs for bass fishing

Hello. I get excited when it comes to fishing! I have been wanting to get more versatile with fishing. Bass is my favorite. So I’m reading up on using jigs for bass fishing.
There are jigs for all seasons for fishing. From the cold temperatures to warm temperature.
The skirted jigs function well in these conditions. You can trim the skirt and thin the weed guard. Some say stretch  the weed guard just to widen it.
They say these things help in winter when fishing for Bass


Football JigsFootball Jig

  •               The football jig is for casting or dragging. You cast it out and let it sink to the bottom and drag it back. What you are trying to imitate is a crawfish.
  •                 We need to pick out our colors. We can go with brown, green and black-blue.
  •                   Now to chose the trailer. Do we go for ‘to-kick’ or ‘to-don’t kick’. With a dragging jig, we don’t need something with ‘a lot of kick’. For a less kick, a beaver style bait trailer works.
  •                   You can take 1/4 off the top so its flat on the trailer. It’s shortens the legs up on the hook. You can then trim the jig up some for trailer legs to work.
  •                    We want to check the weed guard to see if it comes down to the end of the barb of the hook. If is longer, we trimmed it up. With these jig you can reel it in real slow. We can go with black jig and green trailer in the muddy waters.
    Now we are using jigs for bass fishing

Swim jigs / Finesse jigsSwim Jig/ Finnes Jig

  •                        Swim jigs is a lot like a spinner bait but it does not have a spinner bait blade on it. It typically has a shad shaped head on it . And has a vertical line tie so it cuts thru the cover really well.
  •                          Finesse jig is just a downsized small jig with a light wire hook. They are typically a round ball head. The skirt has been trimmed down and there is half a skirt.

Flipping jigs / Casting jigs

Flipping Jig

Casting Jig

  •                     Flipping jig has got a vertical line tie, but the lead is molded around the line tie. It’s a jig you can get down into heavy cover. Fish it with a heavy pole and heavy line.
  •                      Casting jig is where you basically cast out and work it back to you. It is the most versatile jig. An arky head jig is a good one too. It really works well going thru brush.
  •                         Grid iron jig is a football head but it stands up and you get a better bite

Bladed swim jigsBladed Swim Jig

  •                           Bladed swimming looks like a spinner bait head. It fishes like a crank bait. It has a bladed jig on front and vertical line tie. The jig is really good in the grass but not good in wooded.

What am I looking for in all of this

  •                            When using jigs for bass fishing, I need to ask myself these questions.
  •                            What is this jig going to look like when it lands on the floor?
  •                             Where is the hook going to be?
  •                              Where is my trailer going to be?
  •                              What’s the skirt going to do?
  •                               Is it going to get into and out of the cover that’s it is at?
  •                                Is it going to be effective in that cover?
  •                If you are interested in making your own fishing lures, check out this E-book
  •        Feel free to leave a comment or if you have a question or wish to share an experience.


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