Here We Are Going To Do Bank Fishing With Catfish Rigs

  •           Now we are going to look into bank fishing with catfish rigs. There are many rigs for catfish out there. Here we are going to look at catfish rigs from bank fishing. Just the bass fishing being popular, so is catfish fishing. When our fishing along the banks is where we do all of our fishing, these are some great catfish rigs just for that.

The High-Low RigHigh-Low Rig

  •           The high-low rig has a heavyweight on the end. Two lines with hooks that swivel. This rig is great for keeping the bait off the bottom and in the current. When bank fishing with catfish rigs this high-low rigs works well in the surf so this is the rig to have. Now you can find these rigs in all sizes and remade at your tackle store. Having the two hook lines double the chances of hooking two fish. And this allows us the chance to use two baits at the same time. This rig does not do well in snaggy areas.

Bank Fishing With Catfish Rigs–Live BaitLive Bait Rig

  •           The live bait rig. We have our weight that holds the line down and then our bait and a float on top. This live bait is able to swim around attracting the fish. Now we do this by placing a bead on each side of the swivel and locking it. Here we are our height of able to pick live bait our height of our live bait as well.

Here Is The Float RigFloat Rig

  •           The float rig. Our line sits at the height of the float. When the line is to light we can add some split shot weight to the line. Using the float keeps our bait off the bottom and at the height of the fish. We can also use live bait too. This allows us to move around and fish at different spots. It can also flow with the current of the water. There are all kinds of sizes and shapes of floats.

The Pulley Rig Is NeatPulley Rig

  •           The pulley rig is neat. We have a swivel on the main line. Then the hook and the weight is on same line. So here we put the hook onto an impact shield just above the weight. This keeps the hook and weight from tangling up with each other. You can adjust the hook line to any length we would like the hook from the bottom. And we can cast this rig much farther.

The Break-Away Rig Is EffectiveBreak Away Rig

  •           The break-away rig. It is used for a snaggy bottom. The hook stays off the bottom and the line connecting to the weight is weaker. So if we snag the weight, the lead line will break off and we do not lose all the rig itself. It is used with fast moving water and rocky bottom. The line connecting to the weight is to be strong enough to not break-away during casting and1/2 the strength of the main line.

This Rig Speaks For Itself-Fish Finder Rig

  •           The fish finder rig. This is a great bank fishing catfish rig. The fish finder rig works great for fishing on the bottom. There is a weight that slides on a main line with a bead, a swivel and a leader hook. There are various ways to rig these. You can go with a slider and attach the weight to it. The slider rig is good for swapping out various weight if fishing in a river. It is helpful to [put a knot on top of the swivel to prevent the weight from jamming. Using a fish finder rig helps to set the hook into the fish. Using a circle hook is where the fish sets the hook.

Here Is The Santee-Cooper RigSantee-Cooper Rig

  •           The santee-cooper rig. This rig is made for dragging bait on the bottom. We use this rig when fishing for big catfish running on the bottom. There is a stationary weight with a swivel, an inline float bottom and a hook. So the weight drags on the bottom and prevents the hook from snagging. We can buy the floats remade at our tackle store. On the lead to the float we can pick our own length. Now the more lead puts the hook higher from the bottom.

When Bank Fishing

  •           When bank fishing we can use a float marker to check the depth of the water before fishing if we chose too. We pick a spot. Then we can use a piece of wood that fits across our spot on the bank. Now weigh down both sides of the wood to hold it down We now can use the piece of wood as our rod holders. We can pick up some industrial ties at a hardware store. We tie our poles onto the wood. And do not forget to set our drag to max. Now we will need some bite alarms to set on each poles. We can order online or pick some up at the tackle store We are good to go.
  •           Blue gill is a great bait to use on bank fishing with catfish rigs
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