Fly Fishing For Bass Tips And Then Some

Fly fishing for bass is exciting and full of action. There are people that fish for bass using plastics worms, top water lures and hard bait. Fly fishing is similar. This fly-fishing for bass tips is that’s all about figuring out what the bass are feeding on. Fly fishing is where we figure out what flies the bass are feeding on. The flies imitate the food sources for bass and we present them naturally as possible. This can be a frog or a mouse on the surface, to flies that imitate bait fish. The key is to get the fly near a bass and make it look like something alive.Fly Fishing

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Getting Started

  •      In getting started we just need an inexpensive rod and reel and some basic flies and we are good to go. For the reel we do not need an expensive reel. The reel is mainly used for storing the line. We do not have to worry about fly selection. When fishing for small mouth and large mouth bass, we can use an eight weight rod. The heavier line is needed with bigger flies and hair bugs, big poppers and hairy streamers. If you are only fishing for small mouth bass, we can use a six or seven weight rod nine feet. Smaller flies for smaller fish, larger flies for larger fish.
  •      A neat fly-fishing for bass tips is when we thread the line on the rod, just fold the line where it has a loop. When we put it through the guide and it happens to slip out it does not go any farther due to the loop in the line. Another fly-fishing for bass tips is when we put on our leader and the line is curly cued, we can straighten out the line by firmly holding on to each end of the line and stretching the line. Where, there is still curly cue we repeat this process.

Area’s To Fish

  •      We will do good fishing on a shoal in the lake that is hallowed right out. This is the type of structures we need to look for in a lake: Structures we look for are docks, fallen logs, submerged humps, rock piles’ lily pads, saddles between islands. Now we work the different types of structures based on the time of the day, water temperature, time of year, where we think the fish are going to be.
  •      We can start with surface flies to find out where the fish are. Anywhere a fish can ambush their prey is where we want to be. Now when we move from the surface flies we can can go to a subsurface fly. The standard color is yellow, red, subsurface fly is fine.Fly Fishing Tackle

Bass Fishing Is A Great Way To Get Started In Fly Fishing

  •      Bass fishing is a great way to get started in fly-fishing, the action is all on the surface. Bass are often aggressive and will attack anything that looks alive
  •      A great fly-fishing for bass tips are we consider two factors; whether the bass can be caught below the surface or on the surface. We can find this out by looking at what the bass are hunting for in terms of forage. The other is again is impact of weather, time of day and time of year. We make two presentations, either on the surface or below the surface,
  •      Bass flies are made to copy the size, color and actions of bait fish. The difference is flies are made of feathers, fur, and synthetics. Lures are usually made from plastic and wood. The same applies to other food sources like crayfish, mice and frogs.


Small Mouth Bass Flies

  •      When fishing for small mouth bass, we should have some type of crayfish invitation that’s weighted. It gets down near the bottom and you fish it with twitches or just letting it fall to the bottom.
  •      A black wooly bugger is also popular It imitates a hellgramite, which they hit on it in streams very heavily.
  •      The trout dry fly is like a “big stone flight” is another fly for small mouth bass. Some big trout sized flies work.
  •      The white sneaky Pete is a surface fly. And a popping bug with a face that pops and will make some noise in the water.Fly Fisherman

Large Mouth Bass Flies

  •      The large mouth bass are predators and will eat almost anything. With having a large mouth they can inhale some pretty large flies.
  •      We can use a streamer like the sun fish fly. Sun fish are popular for the large mouth bass and they will goes after it.
  •      A twisty tail with lead eyes is a lure. The tradition cork popper is one fun way to catch a large mouth bass. Mornings and evenings is when the large mouth bass are near the surface and in shallow water goes after the cork popper.
  •      The deer hair frog fly is also popular with the large mouth bass. And there is the mouse imitation.

Windy Conditions

  •      Now these are some good fly-fishing for bass tips. In windy conditions there are a few casts we can do. With a wind coming directly at us we can make a low angle cast and get below the wind. And we can deliver the fly to the target. Another option is to make a high angle back cast and drive the fly down through the wind down to the water.
  •      With the wind coming at us our non casting shoulder we can again cast below the wind. Or we can compensate, for the non casting shoulder, by casting more to the right or left to hit the target.
  •      With a wind coming to our backs can be harder. Male a low angle back cast and get the line under the wind. Make sure the line goes out nice and straight. Then make a higher angle forward cast. The cast kinda looks like oval. We make a low back cast bringing the rod tip up, then a high forward cast to hit that fly at our target.
  •      The wind blowing at our cast shoulder is the hardest wind of all. The fly can hook into our skin. One way is to take the rod tip and angling it over the opposite shoulder. Make a high angle cast and get the line off our shoulder. Another option is to cast with the other arm. Practice occasionally with our opposite arm. The simplest way is to turn our back to the wind and make a back cast hitting the target.Rod And Tackle

Fly Fishing For Bass Tips

  •      A very important fly-fishing for bass tips is when we cast out we immediately get the slack out of our line. In fly-fishing the line propels the fly. We do not need to make long casts to catch a bass on a fly. Simple casts of 20 to 30 feet is all that is needed.
  •      Cray fish is bass popular bait When fishing a cray fish bait, we throw it beyond where we think the fish is. Then strip it back and let it fall and watch the tip of the floating line.
  •      We want to wait one second when the fish hits the line before we set it because we want the fish to take the bait into his mouth. If we strike to fast, we will pull the hook right out of his mouth.
  •      When hooking a large bass, we need to reel the fish in.
  •      Our part to fly-fishing is to animate the fly so it looks appealing and something the bass wants to eat. Animating and retrieving a bass fish is the fun part of fly-fishing.
  •      The best way to give action to the fly is to keep our rod tip low and give it all the action by stripping the line at various speeds. WE may want to twitch the rod tip but DO NOT. It creates problems such as it throws slack into our line and we will miss strikes and will not be prepared for the next cast. With a sinking line, we want to do long slow strips, just crawl it so the fly goes steady or other times we might want to give it short little wraps. Or we can rip the line back in. An intermediate line is a sinking line.

Feel free to leave a comment or a question or maybe an experence. I will respond back.

12 Replies to “Fly Fishing For Bass Tips And Then Some”

  1. I haven’t done fly fishing before, so it’s good that you’ve included details like not needing an expensive rod and have recommended to use a light rod and reel for small bass. I was wondering how the wind would affect being able to still go flyfishing. I didn’t realise there were so many ways to combat the wind and cast according to the wind direction. This has opened my eyes on the more technical aspects of flyfishing. Thanks for enlightening me with your educational post. When I take my kid to the lake with this learning hopefully I will look like I know what I’m doing lol!

    1. Hi kat. We can still go fishing in the wind by position or we can check the weight of our bait. I have yet to get out to do any fly fishing, yet. By educating ourselves we can make fishing simple and fun. Thanks

  2. I have yet to see a fly fishing equipment that’s suited for a water that’s not still. I mean, what we have here in our place is a gulf with big waves and not a still-water lake. But it’s worth a try to use these fly fishing equipment you have shared, I will just figure out how to use it effectively in troubled water like ours here. 

    But come to think that the artificial baits used in fly fishing differs only in a very little number compared to using real baits, so I think there’s not much different and maybe it will work too here in our place. I will follow your advice here and hopefully we’ll see things work out positively.


    1. Thanks Gomer. I think by learning the basics on fly fishing, we can adapt to our location and circumstances. It would be fun to just try to fish it.

  3. I have not gone fishing since my trip to the Gulf of Mexico where I spent my time out on the beautiful waters enjoying and fishing at the same time. It truly is just relaxation and breaks for the mind. However, the fish in the Gulf of Mexico and most likely any other ocean-based water, are completely massive. The struggle was very real as these enormous fish truly fought the game. Thanks for your post and I enjoyed your website.

    1. Yes , I too have done ocean fishing. I agree the relaxation and being in the moment fishing gives us. I hope down the road that you will be able fit in some fishing. Thanks

  4. Fly fishing for bass can be fun yet challenging so a post like this is really helpful. I like the concept of having an individually curated package based on a fisherman’s preference. Warriors Tackle Supply looks like some top-notch tackle. I do like top-water fishing, especially when it’s for bass. Small mouths are also very fun to catch in rivers. I’ll definitely check out your Warriors Tackle Supply link further, well done!

    1. Hi Pentrental.  I myself like bass fishing too. When I found this topic, I had to write about it. I did not know we could fly fish for Largemouth and smallmouth bass. The challenge will be fishing from the bank. Thanks

  5. These are some great tips for fly-fishing for bass. I started this as a kid and have loved it for over 50 years. I never can get enough reading material and it seems you can always learn something new that you can integrate with your own fishing trips. This has been my experience anyway.

    The thing I like about small or largemouth bass fishing is that you can decide on a different location each time for a whole new adventure that provides memories (all good too). I have also taken my kids and now grandchildren on fishing trips to introduce them to fly fishing. Bass fishing is an easy way to get them started, and they have a lot of fun. 

    The Warriors Tackle site that you have a link to is an excellent place to get the equipment you need. Their prices are reasonable and they ship fast. I have used them a lot fo get the kids and grandkids outfitted with their gear so they can have a good time when we make a fishing trip.

    Do you have any recommendation on a video or book on fly fishing that I could buy the latest grandchildren to get their interests up for the sport? They are a little young yet (5) but you never can start too early! Thanks in advance, and really enjoyed your article! 

    1. I have not ran across a video or book on fly fishing yet. Yes doing the research on fly fishing for bass, they make it look simple. I enjoy writing these articles because I learn more on fishing each time. I enjoyed reading your comment. Thanks

  6. Hi! Fly fishing is an exciting experience. Full of action, as you have said. It brings nice memories.

    I greatly appreciate you have included a section where you deal with windy conditions. I particularly have had a hard time with wind coming directly at me. I’ll try low angle cast to get below the wind. Thanks!

    1. Yes, I found that interesting when I ran across fishing in the wind too. I’m sure that will be a helpful tool in fishing. Fly fishing will be a new experience for myself . Thanks

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