Can I Learn From,” Bass Fishing For Dummies”.

  •                Hello. I have been looking over different kinds of tackle. For several years now I have been just using soft plastic fishing lures for bass, as well as live bait. Now during those years I thought I had been using rigs….LOL. All of this learning has gotten me excited. I can not wait too go fishing and try out some tackle. So can I learn from,” Bass Fishing for Dummies”?

How To Cast A Spinning Reel/Pole

The Correct Way To Hold The Pole And The Drag Is On Top Of The Reel
The correct way to hold the pole and the drag is on top of the reel.
The Incorrect Way To Hold The Pole
The incorrect way to hold the pole
The Correct Way To Hold The Line And The Bail Pulled Up To Cast The Line
The correct way to hold the line and the bail pulled up to the cast line
  •              With a spinning reel/pole we hold the line with the hand that we are holding the pole. Then we lift the bail, the half metal ring around the line. The dial on the top of the spinning reel is the called the drag. Now when we throw the line out, we will throw from the side and let go of the line about half-way as we swing too the side. To hold a spinning reel/pole, we place our index and middle finger on the top of the reel handle. And the other two fingers on the bottom of the reel on the pole. Two fingers on the top and two fingers on the bottom. We can use our preference on holding the reel/pole.
  •             Now we use our index finger too hold the line. We do not want too use all of the hand too hold the line. What this does, it effects our distance and target area. Now we use our other hand too lift our bail up from the reel. We want too give ourselves about a 1/2 foot of line from the tip of the pole too the top of our bait. This helps us too get a good cast. After we make our cast, we use our other hand on the handle too close the bail. This stops the flow of the line going out and prevents looping which knots up the line.

The Different Casts

  •               There are three different casts. The Roll cast, we make a circular motion from the side of us and release too our target area. The Roll cast can be used for skipping our bait. The Overhead cast, we hold the pole over our shoulder and cast too our target area. The Side cast, now a lot of people use the side cast. We use the other hand and put it below the reel on the handle of the pole. This gives us balance and control. If the line goes up high, we released too early with our index finger. If the line goes too the ground, we released too late with our index finger. Now this it what I’m talking about. This ” Bass Fishing For Dummies” is not such a bad thing.

Using A Texas Rig Works Well In Catching Bass

Wide Gap Hooks No.3-No.4
Wide gap worm hooks No.3-No.4 size
Texas Or Wacky Rig
Pumpkin green worms. Can use for Texas Rig or Wacky Rig Sinko
Split Shot Weights
Split shot weights No.7


    •                 We want too use a medium spinner pole with 8lb line for light casting. We also need three colors of straight tail soft plastic worms. Here are the colors for the types of water. Clear: green, red, and brown. Foggy: bright green and yellow. Muddy: black and blue. And now a wide gap worm hooks [No.3 or No.4] and a smaller split shot weight No.7.
    •                Now for an easy catch we will use a Texas Rig. We are going too set up our pole using a light hook, split shot weight and a soft plastic worm according too the color of the water. We start with the hook. We will now tie the hook the hook on the line. Now we put on our split shot weight. [we can start out with just one. Put the split shot weight 1/2 foot from the hook. We use pliers too squeeze the weight on the line. Hey, maybe I can learn from,” Bass Fishing for Dummies”.
    •               Lets take our soft plastic worm and place the hook in the middle of the worms head and slide the worm up and onto the bend. Now take the worm and twist it up onto the eyelet of the hook. We want the worm too be straight. Now we place the tip of the hook into the worm where the tip of the hook barely comes out the other side of the worm.

    Let’s Put Our Line In The Water

    •               We want too find a spot that is shallow, grassy, brush or wooded along the bank. It works real good in grass.
    •               We are going too set the drag 1/2 on. Now we make a good long cast that we whip the pole. We wait for the line too sink and stop. Then we slowly move our pole too the right or left till we feel the rig touch on something. Now we reel the line as we move the pole back where we started. We move the line with our pole, not reeling too feel the line.
    •              When we get hung up on something, we just give the pole a quick snap. When we get a bite, it works better yanking the pole too the side instead of yanking the pole straight over our head. Now we may have too change the color of the worm if we are not getting any bites.

    Here’s Another Easy Method

    •                Here we going too use a Wacky Rig Sinko. Now, here we can use an o-ring too hold the hook. Or they now sell a weedless hook that works well. We will need too pick up a soft plastic Wacky lure. They are green and look like a worm [no tail]. We are going too be bank fishing. We will cast along the bank in too weeds, brush or wooded spots. Now let it sink for a couple of seconds. Then twitch, twitch the pole and let the soft plastic Wacky rig sink and repeat. The Wacky Rig is good for bass.

    Now We Can Go Fishing

        •               Did you learn as much as I did? Boy I think I can pass the test,” Bass Fishing for Dummies”. Once again, I have learned new things about fishing. How about yourself? Yes we are in winter but, I’m learning that we can still go fishing. How about it, let’s go try! Feel free to leave a comment. Click here to view rods and reels.

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