Best 5 Crappie Spinning Rod And Reel Combo Review in 2020

Here we take a look at the Best 5 Crappie Spinning Rod and Reel Combo Review in 2020. After looking at reviews we found these crappie spinning rod and reel combos to be the best. We have a variety in the order one thru five. We find the crappie spinning rod and reel combos to be reasonably priced and affordable. From them being strong and sturdy to sensitive and light. Crappie fishing is popular these days, so why not look at a variety of spinning rod and reel combo. If you would like to read up on ” The Best Crappie Fishing Jigs ” click this link.

Shakespeare Uglystick GX2 Fishing Rod And Spinning Reel Combo /6ft Medium

The Shakespeare Uglystick GX2 rod and spinning reel combo comes with a seven-year warranty on the rod and a one-year warranty on the reel. The reel does not come with fishing line. That leaves us with the choice to pick the best fishing line that’s suits us. This is a two piece, 6ft medium rod. It has a three ball bearings plus one-way clutch that gives anti-reverse bearing for a smoother feel and quick hook sets. The reel also has a machined double anodized aluminum spool with an oversize bail wire for improved strength and compression bail strings to increase life span. We can check the latest price at Amazon.

Shakespeare CH9025SPBO Crappie Hunter Spinning Rod And Reel Combo, 9ft Lightpower

The Shakespeare crappie spinning rod and reel combo gives the versatility to catch a smaller sized or big sized crappie. It features a nine feet, two piece IM-6 graphite blank and aluminum spool handle. This rod and reel combo is strong, yet light enough to feel lite bites on the line. The 25 size spinning reel is already preloaded with four pound fishing line and features instant anti=reverse. This gives a smooth, uninterrupted reeling. A bright, high-vis tip just adds to seeing a fish is toying with our line. Designed specifically for a crappie fishing tricks. This rod and reel combo has a multi-disk system that we can adjust the drag to reel in heavy crappie and without breaking the line. The gear ratio is 5.2-1 The Shakespeare Crappie Hunter rod and reel combo can convert to left-handed with the reel. They say this rod and reel combo will do a nice job on trout as well. We can check out the latest prices at Amazon

Zebco Crappie Fighter Spinning Combo, 12ft

The Zebco Crappie spin combo is the ultimate smooth set up for crappie. This combo features an ultra lite spinning reel with a two piece, 12ft lite rod. The reel comes with preloaded 4lb line. It has front adjustable drag and quick set anti-reverse. This reel can be used as changeable right or left-handed. And it has a durable glass blank. This spinning combo is great for trolling and jigging. We can check out the latest prices at Amazon

Lew Fishing Mr Crappie Slab Shaker Combo /SS7556-2

The Crappie Slab Shaker Combo is a great spinning rod and reel combo at a great price. The reel features the unique Mr Crappie Cosmetics. The reel has graphite body and rotor with a duel bearing construction. It has a chrome plated spool and drag knob and also comes with preloaded with premium Mr Crappie line. This rod features a lite action graphite composite blank and lite weight rel seats. This rod has stainless steel guides with stainless steel inserts. It has a sturdy lite weight EVA foam split grip handles. This rod is a two piece and 5.6 in length. The Lew fishing Mr Crappie Slb Shaker combo has smooth casting spinning rod and reel. It goes the distance with other small fish as well. We can check out the latest prices at Amazon

Southbend Microlite Ultralite Spinning Rod And Reel Combo /ML210/502UL

The Southbend Microlite Ultralite Spinning Rod and Reel combo is a two piece and 5ft in length. It has a fiberglass rod blank with a cork handle. The reel is a two ball bearing drive with an aluminum spool and does not come preloaded with fishing line. The reel can convert to left-handed. This rod has chrome guides with a graphite reel seat. It has stainless steel cushioned hoods. This rod appears to be a lite action rod. Some find the 5ft rod more accessible than the7ft rod. They find it at a great price and versatility for other kinds of fish. We can check out the latest prices at Amazon.

Best Crappie Spinning Rod And Reel Combo

These are only a few Crappie spinning rod and reel combos. There are many more combos out there to choose from. I hope we all have gained some insight from the article. This review is my own personal opinion.  Feel free to leave a comment or a question or even an experience using any of these combos. I will respond back.

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