Bass Fishing In Winter Months, Can We Catch Any Fish?

  •         Bass fishing in the winter months is where we are fishing with the fewer bites in the whole year. And this can be possibly be bigger bites for bigger bass. A location can make a difference. We look for sunny spots as well as the temperature outside too. Later in the day is where the temperature is higher.          With these conditions the bass will move into shallower waters too. We wait for our bait to fall to the bottom. Reel up the slack in the line Slowly, then hop it. This is important in the winter. By jerking the pole the line movement scares the fish.

Crankbaits Work Well In The Winter MonthsLiplesssCrank Bait

  •           Crankbaits work well with bass fishing in winter months. Like the jerk bait, we use the pause. When the crankbait smacks something, we Pause long and reel slowly. We use chose a thin body and a narrow bill for the crankbait
  •           Working with lip less crankbait we are slower to reel up, which allows it to drop deeper and stay deeper. We rig it up and let it fall. The lip less crankbait is a good search bait.

Other Baits That Work Good In The Winter MonthsDrop ShotJerk Bait

  •           We can do bass fishing in winter months and use a drop shot. Here is where we want to shorten our weight to 1 or 2 or 3 inches from the hook. Now the bass is going to be sitting on the bottom due to the cold and we will get more bites from lowering the weight. Now with it sitting on the bottom, we just drag it. The bass are not going to be moving mush so we don’t need much action. It sets right in front of the bass. We do not shake the line on a drop shot.
  •           The jerk bait is a real good in winter months bait. With jerk bait we twitch, titch and let the bait sink. Do Not Reel In The Slack. We stop the pause longer. We do everything slowly. Staying at the bottom is important.

What The Large Swim Bait And Spinner Bait Can doLarge Swim BitSpinner Bait

  •           Large swim baits work good, just like the spinner baits. Now here is where the swim bait does well in clear waters. We are able to move slower with the swim bait.
  •           Spinner baits excel in winter months in the cold water. Bass fish go to the deep parts or near rocks or rock ledges or where its warmer at the bottom. Moving the spinner bait slower is more effective in cold waters. Now the spinner bait is poor in clear waters.

Shaky Head Works For Bass Fishing In Winter MonthsShaky Head

  •           The weighted head sits on the bottom which allows the soft plastic body to lightly move around as it drags slowly. Leave it sits more then the dragging. This works well in the cold waters.
  •           We can use jigs too. On jigs, we pick blue and bl ack on the colors. Also, we go with a crawdad on the bottom. Here again, we slowly drag it. This is important.

We Still Can Fish In The Winter Months

    •           One more thing when it comes to fishing for bass in the winter months. We want to use a low stretch line is recommended because the slow moving of the bait on the bottom. And the depth to feel the line. We can hold a finger on the line to feel a reaction sooner. The bass are moving slow or not at all in the cold water
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