Bass Fishing In Muddy Water Is Easier Then It Sounds

When the water becomes muddy, the bass move up to shallow water. Muddy is one foot or less that you can see in depth in the water. As the muddy water rise’s, the bass move up into the banks. The bass do not like that they can not see. Bass fishing in muddy water, the bass eat whatever is coming off the bank. There is craw fish and worms on the bank. Now the bait fish will do the same as the bass in these conditionsFishing In The Rain

Where We Find The Bass

The bass are hiding in the thick cover against the banks. This is where we keep casting many times. For example using a Texas rig we flip it and bounce around the thick cover. This applies to bank and boat for bass fishing in muddy water. It may take 25 casts before we are right in front of the bass

The bass are up in logs, stump or thick brush. These are the places the bass feel comfortable since they can not see in the muddy water.

Here Is Some Things We Need

We do not use green pumpkin, brown and any color you can see the sun through it. Now we use black and blue, black and purple and black and black on our lures. Bright colors are good to use when the sun is out. The bass can pick up on these colors in the muddy water.

In bass fishing in muddy water we know that bass can not see. The bass use their lateral line to the vibration. Here is where we are going to use vibrating baits, rattles and creature bait that have a lot of action

Some Lures And Baits That Work Well In Muddy Water

One of the lures we can use is a Texas Rig Creature Baits. A jig is a good bait to fish with. Use a jig that has a big wide head with a rattle. We want a trailer on it like a Rage Bug and a Zoom Chunk. Our colors are black with blue, red and purple. We can cut the skirt shorter to give it action. It will not get hung up in the cover.

The Chatter Baits. Project Z is a good one to use with a matching trailer. This lure we use in grass cover. With the squarebill crank bait we are not going with dark colors. The chartreuse color is the one we go with. With the squarebill crank bait we chose is the Six Sence Flat 75. Fishing with a squarebill crank bait we will bump it along.

The spinnerbait. The Colorado Blade and the Willow Leaf Blade.are the two to chose. We want to use a 3/8 ounce in bass fishing in muddy water.

The Conditions We Are Looking

In muddy water the line is not important because the bass can not see it. Although we fish 50-65 lb line because we are working thick cover. For crank bait, chatter bait and spinner bait we run 15-17 lb line.

When fishing off a boat, the trick is to get the line to the shore. With the over flow of rains muddy water, we try to get close to the bank. The bass are sitting up into the thick cover in the shallow muddy water against the bank.

Now when the water starts to fall, the bass are going to pull out to the outside of the cover.

Do not be afraid of getting inside of the thick cover. If a fish grabs the bait, then figure out to get him after we set the hook. Take the risk and each time it gets easier.

Bass Fishing In Muddy Water

On a positive note, we can get real close to the fish without spooking them in muddy water. We can also get closer to those docks too. Here we make small pitches towards the posts and we get that bait in front of them, they are going to bite it.

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