Scoping Out The Delta Striped Bass

Have you ever wondered where to find the striped bass? Here we look at the Delta Striped Bass locations and where to find them. The water conditions and the timings as well. We will be looking for those water conditions to find that bigger striped bass. There are some baits that work well in these conditions too. We will be reading on getting that bigger striped bass. Fishing for the striped bass is fun.

The Delta Striped Bass Will Be Coming From The Sacramento Riverstriped bass

The delta striped bass are always changing locations. We will not find them in the same spot we fished the day before

The delta striped bass start showing up around fall. In the late September, it could be earlier, the striped bass will be sh.owing up. The common months, October, November and December we can expect them. We want to be using casting lures.

The striped bass will be coming in through our Delta way, through bays, through Grizzly, and through the mothball fleet. They will go into the feather of the Moketumme. Here is where the Delta Striped Bass are making their way into all the rivers. If we are close to these rivers or on the river we have better odds to catch the Bigger striped bass.

To Catch The Bigger Striped Bass

To catch the Bigger striped bass we want to be throwing Glide baits and Big Water Walking baits. We look for Flooded Ponds or Big Shallow Flats. The Shallow Flats can has grass on it or be a sandbar or an hard bottom shoal. We want to set our boat in 4 or 5 feet and then cast up to a foot. Now we will find those Bigger striped bass eating in the shallow and that 3 to 4 feet of water they are sitting in it. This is where the Bigger striped bass prefer to eat. We will have a strong chance of catching that Bigger Delta Striped Bass by hitting the zone in the shallow waters. There is a strong possibly there is a 30 or 40 pound fish sitting there.

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Flooded Ponds And Shallow FlatsDelta striped bass

Flooded Ponds are that the levees broke down and the water gets in there and the depth is 4 or 5 feet or lass of water. Any area like this along the main Sacramento river or outlets mentioned are going to have the Bigger striped bass.

The Bigger striped bass is not going to be chasing bait around. When the fish are in these shallow areas they look to eat Squafish, bass, bluegills, craw fish. Flooded ponds are a great place to fish for that Bigger striped bass.

As the tide rushes into these Flooded ponds, it comes over a shallow area. The striped bass is always looking into the current. When the water flows into the Flooded ponds, they will be just past the inside with the current on their face looking to feed. This is where we have to cast up to them. The sames go with the tide going out and we have a small opening going into the Flooded pond, we want to cast up to the small opening on the high side of it where the water current in their face. We only need to do is 10 feet casts to get the Bigger striped bass.

Shallow Flats do not need to be in a Flooded pond. It can be a place along the shoreline. It maybe a hundred feet evenly 3 or 4 feet depth where these Bigger striped bass will pull up on the same spots and feed often.

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The Medium Striped Bass

Again the striped bass are not going to be in the same spot the next day. Medium striped bass are in the range of 8 to 12 pounds. Low light hours is going to be the best fishing for the medium striped bass. We will find them at Flooded ponds, Shallow flats, flooded islands and island points. Any sort of current break, coming around a corner and see a Big back Eddy back it’s shallow, this is an excellent spot.

Where we see the white birds diving on bait, This is where we find the small striped bass are fed on by the medium striped bass. The farther we go inland, the medium or Bigger striped bass are feeding on the smaller striped bass. The chances of catching the Bigger striped bass go down the farther away we get from the primary rivers

Knowing Where To Locate The Striped Bass During The Seasonsstriped bass and more

As winter approaches and the temperatures go down to 50 degrees, the shad will start to die off and we also will see fewer birds. We will see the medium striped bass in with the Bigger striped bass.

Along the Delta, pumps will be running in the water into the farm fields and the water temperatures are in the high 40s too low 50s. This is a target area to be fishing the striped bass. A good bait to use around pumps are the Jerky bait or the Flute bait.

When the middle of winter with water temperatures are in the 40s, it is hard to catch the Delta striped bass. Now late February, early March the striped bass are going to start moving around and warm up and start to feed up for spawning. Which will be in late march to April and May.

The striped bass will now be in the Shallow hard flat rock or Shoals. The Shoals can be from 3 to 8 feet. We can use Deep diving Jerk bait or still use a Swim bait for the striped bass. The main river along these Shoal areas is where the striped bass will be found spawning.

Early March to late February we can still fish the Flooded ponds and Flats with grass for those Bigger striped bass. When the spawning kicks in, the Bigger striped bass are still feeding in these areas. Look for back Eddies where the water is spinning around in a circle. We can use a big swimbait, a Deep diving Jerk bait and a Flutter spoon in these areas.

In the summertime comes there will be striped bass that go up the river and striped bass that go into the bay.

Prime time is first thing in through morning, later in the evening, a rainy heavy overcast or a Good flowing current. Now if any of these conditions lack anything, then the striped bass may not be found there. There maybe anglers that was fishing in some spots the day before and the fish might be there, we can adjust to the conditions. In deep waters we can use a Flutter spoon and let it fall to the bottom and rip it up then repeat.

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What Have We Learned

We have gone over quite a few things. We learned the striped bass do not stay in the same spot. The Delta bass is found in the Sacramento River. Now the places we find the striped bass along the Delta is the Flooded ponds and the Shallow flats. Our prime time to fish is first thing in the morning, later in the morning, a rainy heavy overcast day and a good flowing current. Where to find that Bigger striped bass and also some good baits to use when fishing.

I hope you have been able to take away something from this article as much as I have.

Feel free to leave a comment or experience. I will respond back.