It’s Time For Summer Bass Fishing Tactics

It’s summer and this is a great time to be fishing. We are going to look into the water temperature and see if it affects the fishes behavior. At this time of year the fish divide into two groups which we will be going over. Along with four baits for each groups of fish. So where do we find the fish in the water? There s a lot of summer bass fishing tactics. Let’s go find out.lake-fishing

Where Do, The Fish Find The Oxygen In The Heat

At summer it is Hot. Now expect to see the water temperature at 95 degrees at some places. This is Hot, Hot for the bass. When the temperature is above 85 degrees and higher, the water loses the ability to hold oxygen for the bass to breathe. There are more summer bass fishing tactics.

The bass will go looking for oxygen and the fish will find it going deep, find current or find grass. Now deep water is cooler to hold oxygen better, grass creates oxygen and current that stirs up the water that creates oxygen. Things that create current are wind, channels of water and boat traffic. Boat traffic has an impact and we do not think about, that’s creates more oxygen.

These are the places where the bass are going to be at the oxygen levels. And when the water temperatures is 85 degrees and above and where we loo for the bass.

The Two Groups Of Bass In The Summer

In the summer the bass go into two groups. The fish become predictable and consistent all the way into fall. Try to find their pattern. Changing weather only changes them for a couple of days. During the summer the schools of bass are smaller. There is the occasionally large bass. All the bass are mixed in together into the fall.

Our two groups of bass are the bass that went shallow or cover and the bass that went offshore or outside structures. Let’s read some more summer bass fishing tactics.

The bass on the offshore or outside structures follow the secondary points to open water. They may not be deep and they move to 2-10 feet shallows. They can go deep 20-50 feet deep as well. Now these fish are rock oriented and are easy targets. We will find them near rocks. The rock structures can be shallow or deep.

We will also find them in current. They feed off the of the full size bait fish in the current near rock. The bass are out in the face of the structures along the current or without the current.

The bass that stayed shallow after the spawning become covered oriented. Here is the baits they are feeding on is blue gill, crawdads, and small bait fish. They will be up their feeding for the summer.The Fisher Women

Finding The Best Spot To Be Fishing

The bass are ambush feeders and get right on the cover. They sit right up against something to feed in the shallow waters. If we, are grass fishing, the thickest grass is where we want to be fishing.

For the biggest bass we want the perfect cover with access to deeper waters in a handful spots. That’s a good summer bass fishing tactics These places are where we are going to find the bigger fish. This is where they hang out and can still swim to deeper waters. The bigger bass most of the time will be where they can dive into deeper waters.

The bass around cover as it gets Hotter will be around shade. As the sun rises and the shade becomes less, they will pull up tight against the cover, grass. The time of day when their is more shade, The bass will pull out from the cover. The bass are predictable. When the sun is high, they will be in cover.

Those bass around docks, we look for the shaded spots. That is where the bass will be.

If we, are at a lake where the only shallow cover is for the bass to get underneath the pilings or overhanging cover when it gets Hot and the sun is high the bass will retreat to the shadows. A lake can become very small when we know the bass are in the shadows. Also, it makes it easier to fish for the bigger bass knowing where they are sitting at.

Bait’s For The Offshore Or Structure Group Of Bass

We pick out our baits by what we are fishing. We are fishing inside the cover, shallow or in the structure. We look for what is the body of water. Here we have four good bait’s to use.

  •       Square Bill; The Square Bill may or may not have a rattler. We want to pick out a shiny, bright, bold Square Bill. This is so it can be seen and attract the bass. On more information on Square Bill baits, visit my article.
  •       Deep Crank; We choose bold colors on the Deep Crank. The Deep Crank covers a lot of water and catch a lot of bass. The Deep Crank will help determine what types of bass are in the water and keep moving until we find the school of bass. There  is some great deep crank baits at

Shaky Head Rig

  •         Shakey Head Worm; We use the Shakey Head Worm to slow down our fishing. A 3/16 or 1/4 ounce Shakey Head Worm. If we, are in heavy current we go heavier. Use the 6-7 inch worm. Bold colors, black-blue, black red, junebug will give us a strong reaction. Now try this summer bass fishing tactics. Now up size a Shakey Head Worm to a JigFlipping Jig
  •       Jig; A standard Jig 1/2 to 3/4 ounce Jig. Now use a Beaver Trailer. If we, want to get aggressive with the Jig, we can use a Ragebug or the new Spicy Beaver that has some kick and action. In a lot of grass we go with the Flipping Jig Head. Again if we go aggressive we can use the Pitching Jig Head. Now use a football Jig Head if we are just pulling over rock. The colors we go with are natural, green pumpkin, or a red trailer.

These are the four baits for the offshore water conditions. For more information on some of these jigs, visit my article.

Bait’s For The Shallow or Cover Group Of Bass

In the summer we can catch bass on almost any bait. Here are some summer bass fishing tactics that will draw out the bigger bass among est the smaller bass.frog bait

  •       Frog; The frog bait allows us to get over the top of the grass. Back underneath the trees and under docks. The frog bait works well in early and late low light. The frog also works well when the sun is high and the bass are under cover. There is great selections at… 

For more information on Frog fishing visit my article.

  •       Heavy Punching Rig. Anywhere between an ounce to two ounces depending on how heavy the cover is with a wide gap hook. We will want to use a creature bait on the hook. We use the Heavy Punching Rig when the frog does not draw out the bass. We wait until the heat of the day and punch for them. We look for the thickest or darkest cover under is where the darkest shadow can be found. When fishing docks, look for the darkest places to fish. Just as we fish around trees, look for the darkest place.soft swimbait
  •       Swim Jig; When fishing a Swim Jig, we can go lighter with the weight and fish it like a Spinner Bait. Just fish it around the edges of cover. Now also fish the Swim Jig heavier 3/4 ounce and a larger profile. We fish this in the thickest part of the grass, just yanking the Swim Bait through the grass. The heavier Swim Bait draws aggressive strikes. There is a great selection in swim baits at
  •       Sinko; If we, are fishing clear waters we go with a 5 inch Sinko. And if we are fishing murky waters or bigger bass we go with a 7 inch Sinko.

These are the four baits for the shallow water conditions

Summer Bass Fishing Tactics

Now we adapt to the conditions of the lake we are fishing on. We may have to downsize.

By running these baits we have a greater chance of catching a bigger bass.

With it being summer we need to be sure we take care of ourselves out their fishing as well.

We have gone over the water temperatures and where to find the fish where the oxygen is. The places where to fish at. And the baits to catch that bigger bass that comes along. All of the baits will work for the smaller bass too.               We can find the baits mentioned above at Amazon.

I hope we are able to take away some information here.

Please leave your comments or questions or experiences in the comment section. I will reply back. Thank you.