Ice Fishing Tips For Crappie

  •           These ice fishing tips for crappie is in the middle of the winter. Lake ice fishing is popular. With the right equipment, ice fishing is fairly easy. As well as wearing the right gear too. Ice fishing can take on a search mode until we find that school of crappie. Team work works out well and betters the odd.

Finding The Right Spot To Start FishingJigging rod

  •           An ice fishing tips for crappie is to have a depth map of the lake where we will be fishing. This tells us the right depth and the right bottom to the conditions we are looking for. This helps us to eliminate the other areas in the middle of winter.
  •           When we are over the deep basin, the crappie are right on the bait. Crappie fish are feeders. We find an area of the lake that has to be a consistent bottom without having any hills in it. The area is flat with a soft bottom like mud. The depth will need to be 30 to 35 feet. Now here is where the warm water is in the lake in the winter.
  •           The water closest to the surface is around 32 degrees and shallower water in the afternoon as the water heats up. This keeps the crappie’s metabolism high so they will feed towards the surface. During ice fishing the crappie do not chase food.
  •           We want to have 10 ice holes. Two ice holes are not going to work. The crappie are always moving around.icefishing

Using The Right Kind Of Tackle

  •           Ice fishing tips for crappie is to use tungsten. The lead jigs sink slower. The tungsten jigs sink faster. When the crappie are moving through, timing is important because the fish are always moving.
  •           We use a jig with on the ball double eye hook and a crappie jig. They both will work for the black crappie and the white crappie too.
  •           The black crappie tend to go for the ones that look like insects and larvae. The white crappie tend to go for the ones that look and moves like minnows. We can use a soft plastic minnow.
  •           The 1/16 and 1/32 ounce head are good. We have to use the small ones in the winter. The chartreuse and white works great for black crappie Ice fishing tips for crappie is to use the 3 lb sufix ice magic line. The diameter of a higher lb line will cause the line to sink slower. Timing is important.
  •           Crappie love live bait. From minnows and wax worms. We need to change the live bait after 15 minute or so. The live bait looses it scent.

We May Catch A Black Crappie Or A White CrappieCrappie

  •           The black crappie and the white crappie change colors from season to season. Now if we count the spines at the dorsal fin we can tell the difference between the black crappie and the white crappie. The black crappie has seven or eight spines. And the white crappie has only six spines.
  •           The Black crappie and the white crappie feed in the morning and night. Crappies have this energy conserving eating pattern. They find their prey by sight by stopping to hunt. Here the crappie save their energy by not cruising to eat. By knowing this, we have an advantage. Once we locate a school of fish, we can keep dropping our line catching fish.
  •           Due to the cold weather, the crappie are running slow.

How To Find More Fish On Our Transducer

  •           When we drop our transducer in to the water we want to give it a swing. The reason for this is to see where the fish are at. We may drop it straight down and not see any fish. By swinging the transducer we may see the fish in front but not straight down. This expands the area of fishing

A Few Necessary ThingsTeamwork

  •           Now a lot of anglers will go fish where other anglers have bored the ice holes. And that may work out if we do not have the equipment needed to strike out on our own.
  •           By being equipped with a power auger, portable sonar, a jigging rod, assortment of jigs and bait needed to go out on our own. And there is the basics, sled to haul the equipment, bait bucket, seat and minnow net.
  •           We may need to move around the ice holes to find a school of fish.
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I hope you were able to find some ice fishing tips for crappie. Feel free to leave a comment, question or experience. I will respond back.

Learning Some Basics About Trout Fishing For Beginners

  •       Fishing is exciting. And learning to fish for another kind fish is even more exciting. Trout fish can be found at lakes and streams. At these places they can be stocked trout fish as well. Here is a few simple things we can carry with us for trout fishing for beginners. It’s helpful to carry a nail clippers to cut the fishing line and a nail file to sharpen the hook. The hook can become dull from bumping off the rocks.

Trout Are SensitiveTrout Fish

  •       We can use a light to medium weight spinning rod for trout fishing for beginners. Trout are sensitive fish. We will need to use a low resistant float. The reason being the round floats are heavier and the trout may spit out the hook. The low resistant float, the trout does not feel the float as much due to the tear shaped of the float.

Size 6-10 Hook On A 2 lb Leader

  •      We can start out with a size 6-10 hook. Bait barbs are helpful to have on the hooks. This helps keep the bait on the hook, IE. worms. This size hook works well with live small minnow bait. We need to put on Two split shot weights. We can space them one foot apart. By doing this we keep the fishing line to stay vertical.


  •      We use a two pound leader that the hook is attached to the fishing line using a loop knot. We can use a swivel in place of the loop knots too. The trout fish are smart enough to know that something is not right. Using heavier fishing line, the fish pick up by seeing the heavier line.

Lake Fishing For Trout For BeginnersTrout fishing on the lake

  •       When putting the live minnow on the hook, we hook it behind the dorsal fin so the live minnow will swim. Fishing with live minnows, we need the timing right to set the hook. When using the low resistant float and the float pulls down into the water, we wait one second before we set the hook. If we miss a bite, leave it alone for a few seconds to see if the fish strikes again.
  •      We also should set our drag fairly easy because of the two pound leader, we let the fish run some of it.

Now When It Comes To Stream FishingTrout fishing at the stream

The stream fishing we take off the float. This is all about presenting the bait to the fish. Now the bait can be pulled along the bottom. When this happens, the trout fish see this as not being natural and not bite the bait.                     We are using the wax worm bait for stream trout fishing.We feed the wax worm bait along the hook. The trout fish will take the bait in its mouth.       In stream trout fishing for beginners we look for fallen down trees. The trout will sit just on the other side of it in the calm water. Also, we look for two streams that come together. Look for deep spot too.

The Biggest Trout Fishing For Beginners Mistakes

  •      Do not make to many casts in the same place if we are not getting bites. Move on. Streams are more clear water therefore the trout fish are more likely to pick up on our vibrations. We will find more hungry trout fish and increase our catch rate.
  •      Do not walk up to a pool of water. Cast into the pool of water from a distance. It is less likely the trout fish will see us from a distance
  •      When observing we need to stand in the shadows. The trout peripheral vision will see us if we are standing to long observing to long.
  •       The rod or reel may spark a reflection from the sun and possibly jewel too. These things can reflect into the water
  •       The trout can pick up on vibrations of noise. We do not want to be to loud. We maybe fish with others. NOISE does affect the Fish.
  •      We do not wear bright color clothing. We want to blend in with our surrounding. The trout can see the bright colors with their peripheral vision.
  •      Do not fish down stream. The trout are facing up stream waiting for the food. The trout can see us walking down stream towards them. Walk up stream casting up stream.

Trout Fishing Is Fun For EveryoneFamily trout fishing

If you have any comments or question, fell free to drop them in the box. Or an opinion or experience. I will respond to them.

Bass Fishing In Muddy Water Is Easier Then It Sounds

When the water becomes muddy, the bass move up to shallow water. Muddy is one foot or less that you can see in depth in the water. As the muddy water rise’s, the bass move up into the banks. The bass do not like that they can not see. Bass fishing in muddy water, the bass eat whatever is coming off the bank. There is craw fish and worms on the bank. Now the bait fish will do the same as the bass in these conditionsFishing In The Rain

Where We Find The Bass

The bass are hiding in the thick cover against the banks. This is where we keep casting many times. For example using a Texas rig we flip it and bounce around the thick cover. This applies to bank and boat for bass fishing in muddy water. It may take 25 casts before we are right in front of the bass

The bass are up in logs, stump or thick brush. These are the places the bass feel comfortable since they can not see in the muddy water.

Here Is Some Things We Need

We do not use green pumpkin, brown and any color you can see the sun through it. Now we use black and blue, black and purple and black and black on our lures. Bright colors are good to use when the sun is out. The bass can pick up on these colors in the muddy water.

In bass fishing in muddy water we know that bass can not see. The bass use their lateral line to the vibration. Here is where we are going to use vibrating baits, rattles and creature bait that have a lot of action

Some Lures And Baits That Work Well In Muddy Water

One of the lures we can use is a Texas Rig Creature Baits. A jig is a good bait to fish with. Use a jig that has a big wide head with a rattle. We want a trailer on it like a Rage Bug and a Zoom Chunk. Our colors are black with blue, red and purple. We can cut the skirt shorter to give it action. It will not get hung up in the cover.

The Chatter Baits. Project Z is a good one to use with a matching trailer. This lure we use in grass cover. With the squarebill crank bait we are not going with dark colors. The chartreuse color is the one we go with. With the squarebill crank bait we chose is the Six Sence Flat 75. Fishing with a squarebill crank bait we will bump it along.

The spinnerbait. The Colorado Blade and the Willow Leaf Blade.are the two to chose. We want to use a 3/8 ounce in bass fishing in muddy water.

The Conditions We Are Looking

In muddy water the line is not important because the bass can not see it. Although we fish 50-65 lb line because we are working thick cover. For crank bait, chatter bait and spinner bait we run 15-17 lb line.

When fishing off a boat, the trick is to get the line to the shore. With the over flow of rains muddy water, we try to get close to the bank. The bass are sitting up into the thick cover in the shallow muddy water against the bank.

Now when the water starts to fall, the bass are going to pull out to the outside of the cover.

Do not be afraid of getting inside of the thick cover. If a fish grabs the bait, then figure out to get him after we set the hook. Take the risk and each time it gets easier.

Bass Fishing In Muddy Water

On a positive note, we can get real close to the fish without spooking them in muddy water. We can also get closer to those docks too. Here we make small pitches towards the posts and we get that bait in front of them, they are going to bite it.

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If you have any questions or wish to leave a comment, all are welcome. I will respond back.

What Are Some Of The Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures

  •           This time of the year, the bass are moving up to spawn in the pockets and pockets of the creeks. They are feeding as they go about and will eat just about anything. The bass tend to go for craw fish and bluegill. We are going to look into some of the best spring bass fishing lures.

Lipless CrankbaitsStrike red eye lipless crankbait

  •           There is a Striking Red Eye shad with a rattler. The bass seem to be right on it. Bass tend to go after the Lipless crank bait
  •           The Excalibur One Knocker and the Azuma One Knocker will both going to catch some bass fish.Azuma lipless crankbait
  •           LV-500 Lipless Crank is a three inch with a 3/4 ounce bait. The body has rattlers in it. The 3/4 ounce weight is in the front of the bait giving it a bullet cast.LV 500 lipless crankbait
  •           Jackall TN Lipless Crankbait is shaped that the outside lip helps when it hits the bottom it stands up straight. This feature on the lipless crank bait helps with slow reeling. This is some of the best spring bass fishing lures in lipless crank bait.Jackall TN lipless crankbait

Squarebill Crankbaits

  •           The Sixth Sense Crush Flat 75x It has one small rattler in it. It is a square bill crank bait. We can use orange or shad colors.
  •           Lucky Craft 1.5 Squarebill Crankbait is made to target heavy environments. You can bump it off of objects quite well.
  •           River2sea Biggie Squarebill Crankbait is great for fishing in shallow watersBiggie squarebill crankbait

Spinner Baits

  •           River2sea Bling Spinner bait allows easier rotating at slower reeling. The head help stabilizes the lure as well of bouncing off objects when reeling in. The best spring bass fishing lures can be easily found.
  •           The Revenge Deep Runner. This spinner bait is life like with eyes as well as changing colors.
  •           Colorado Blade Spinner Bait. When fishing that has lots of (lay down), we use a spinner bait. Stumpy stuff we go with the Colorado Blade spinner bait. Here we let it sink to the bottom and fish it slowly over the stump and brush.Colorado blade spinner baitproject Z lipless crankbait

Chatter Baits

  •           Project Z. You can get this bait down to the bottom and keep it down on the bottom. It goes through the grass really well. This time of the year there is grass on the bottom. A lipless crank bait will get hung up through the grass and the chatter bait does not .
  •           We reel in real slow allowing it to bump the bottom and grass as much as we can. The bass will hit it hard.
  •           Colors use black and blue and green pumpkin. Now we rig the chatter bait with a trailer. We use a trailer that has little action on it. The s Striking Blade Minnow is a good one to use. It has a little tail wag on it and it is made for chatter baits.

Jerk Baits

  •           Lucky Craft Stay See 90. The nose bill is angled down to go deeper on the pull lure does have rattle action and does great long casting.
  •           Jackall Rerange Jerkbait is great for twitching. Its weight slides from front to back for that casting action This is exciting finding the best spring bass fishing lures.

Jig, Swimbait, Glide Bait, The Rig and The Wooden Bait

  •           The jig resembles a craw fish and that is what the bass are biting. We cast out and let it sink to the bottom and keep it on the bottom and drag it slowly. Football, Finesse, Brush jigs. All of these work well. We still use a trailer with little action on it.Football Jig
  •           Swimbait-S Waver 168. This S Waver 168 shows a swimming action across the surface. By allowing our tip up, this surface lure rides the top and then sink the lure slowly.S-waver168 swimbait
  •           Explorer Glide Bait. This lure is life like. It has a joint in it to give it side to side glide.
  •           Bladed 5 wire A-Mob Jr is a compact umbrella rig with four spinner bait blades, It gives the appearance of a group of bait fish. This bladed 5 wire can hook multiple fish at the same time.Bladed 5-wire
  •           Bummer Flat A is a wooden bait with a bit of a rattle. It is good for working the bank. Now it is difficult to cast with a back lash, do to the lightweight. But once we have it down, this bait works when the other baits do not.

These Are Some Of The Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures

We always keep a few good selection of lipless crank baits in the tackle. Some time the bass like one way or another.

Feel free to leave a comment or any questions you may have. I will gladly respond back.

Bass Fishing Frog Lures Are The In Thing In Fishing

Bass fishing frog lures seem to be popular. From the rod and the reel and the frog lure. About the frog lure, the fish see the sides and the bottom and nothing else. Black, white and yellow are good colors to use. We use a heavy action rod-7’3″-65lb power pro-grade and a good quality reel with a good drag and fast.

Straight Retrieve Frog LureTeckal Sprinker Frog Lure

For the straight retrieve we have the Teckel Sprinker frog lure. We throw the teckel sprinker frog lure out there and reel it back in. The frog lure tail is thumping with action while we reel it in. By holding the pole higher than walking the frog lure. The fish pulls the pole down and we react by pulling it up and setting the hook.

Mat Fishing Frog Lures

Frog lures built for the mat fishing. Ish’s Phat Matt Daddy frog lure is for mat fishing. It happens to be alike the River2sea Bully Wa2 frog lure except its flat. By the bottom being flat, its sits well on top of the mat.

The Ish Phat Matt Daddy frog lure is made for the thickest and worst vegetation easily. This has a softer and collapsible body. And a sharp hook that gives it a good hook set.

The Spiro King Daddy frog lure is good for a BIG fish. It’s body is Huge. IT is a soft frog lure that collapses down to nothing. When the body collapses, the hook tips slant up for a full hook set. This bass fishing frog lure helps with long casts and lands on it’s belly. The Spiro King Daddy frog lure walks in open water and plows through weeds. We can also trim the long legs to our like.

Poping Frog Lures

These are frog lures that we fish on the edges of leaves and over the top of grass

The River2sea Spittin Wa frog lure is a big bass fishing frog lure. The frog lure has a cupped mouth for spittin and walking. It has bubble jets located on the mouths bottom allowing it to leave a bubble trail on top of the water. The River2sea Spittin Wa frog lure is great at walking. By aggressive taps, it has a chugging noise. It has a hollow body which collapses when bit, allowing the sharp hooks to grab. It can be used for mat and open water fishing too.

The Jackall Gauacho frog lure is slender and a round bend hook. It also has a shaped cupped mouth and preforms a water spray with each twitch, walk and pop. It is right at home in the thickest cover. The bend of the hook makes help in the snag areas

All Around Frog LuresRiver2sea Bully Wa2

The river2sea Bully Wa2 frog lure has a keeled face that walks the frog lure real good. Now when it is in vegetation, it tends to sit to one side. This causes it to struggle on the heavy mats. This bass fishing frog lure has a sealed hook channel that prevents leaks and raises up it’s float method.

The Snag Proof Bobby’s Perfect frog lure does better on mats. The snag proof is lighter so it does not have the weight to push on the mat. This has a wide frog hook. The wide hook helps the body to collapse below the points. This gives us more of a chance to hook the fish.

The Snag Proof Bobby Perfect frog lure is made with a tube through the center of the body that the hook slides into. It is made this way so no air gets in the body therefor it does not sink.

Another feature is the bass fishing frog lure walks very well because of the trimmed part of the lure that the legs run through. It reduces the weight on the end that gives less resistance and material for setting the hook. The snag proof bobby perfect frog lure does have inside rattlers too.

We Have Gone Thru The Bass Fishing Frog Lures

We need to walk or pop the frog lures. On a hollow body frog lure we can cut 1″ off the legs. Both legs need to be even. We bend the hook out and up as well. This causes a better bite with the frog lure. WE can put small B&B’s or small split shots down the little hole in the rear of the bottom to rattle. To walk the frog we tap, tap,tap and tap. We bring it down, then up a second apart.

Feel free to leave a comment or question below. I will gladly answer you back.