Using Swimbait For Bass Fishing Can Be Exciting

  •           I found here some tackle and methods for swimbait for bass fishing. We need to look at our location. Color of the waters. The type of cover we will be fishing in. Are we in open waters?
  •           When fishing with smaller baits, we can use a jig rod with heavy action. The larger baits, its suggested using a Dobyns 807 mag rods. And all the rest of the medium baits its suggested to use Fury 806 affordable rods. We want to see that we have swimbait reels. For the line its recommended a heavy braid 65lb and 80lb. They have found at this lb line it has not broken on backlash.

The Glide Swimbait For Bass Fishingsoft swimbait

  •           We have two glide swimbaits. The cover and open water. And they are not the same thing. The cover swimbait tend to be cheaper too. They are smaller baits as well. We pick bold colors. This is so the fish see it farther away.
  •           Open water glide swimbaits are famous for the glide swimbaits. We can spend lots of money on these swimbaits. There is some in the mid-range that work quite well. The trick to the open water glide is its availability, the price is not out of range, they are consistent and they catch fish. Some good ones are the Hinkel, 230 gain craft and the S waiver 200. The S waiver 200 swimbait can have a wide enough glide to be an open water swimbait and tight enough glide to fish in the cover. The S waiver 200 is a cross over and will fish both. The 230 gain craft is a refined swimbait.

Cover Glide Swimbaits Are Used Around Cover

  •           Open water glide swimbaits is a giant slow swim and relying on the fish to see it and follow it and eat it. The cover glide swimbait we used to fish around cover and tighter actions. Here we are trying to draw the fish out with aggressive action .
  •           Let’s look at the s waiver 168. We fish around a stump or tree or some brush. Throw the swimbait up near it. Reel up near the object slow, then two twitches and now repeat. Another cover glide swimbait is the Game craft 178. We have the one called Sneaky peek.
  •           We can use swimbait for bass fishing in boat docks, trees, brush and debris. Also in all colors of water. Those are the conditions we can use the cover glide swimbait.

Soft Swimbait Have Their On Style

  •           Soft swimbait for bass fishing. We use a natural bait in clear waters. We cast in the clear open water when the sun is high. The big bass eaters are hunting in the open waters. They see the distance in the waters when the sun is high. We just run the bait right over the top of the fish.
  •           With some soft swimbait we can use the off spray boot tail style. The reason being, the boot tail style gives a lot of action in medium reeling. It works well in dingy water.
  •           The trash soft swimbait we fish slower with. We cast out and reel in slowly across the bottom. The fat soft swimbait seems to stand up better while reeling.
  •           There is the kytech 6.8 and the 7.8 kytech soft swimbait. On the larger 7.8 kytech we can rig it on a beast stick. On the 6.8 kytech we can rig a beast too. Either we fish on the bottom with the beast or above the bottom above the debris with a different rigging fishing like a spinner bait.

Now For The Multi-Jointed Swimbaitsmulti-jointed soft swimbait

  •           Multi-jointed swimbaits in the 7in seem to be a good size to fish with. We can go up to a 8in size as well. The 7in bull shad works really well in getting plenty of bites as well as those big bites too.
  •           This category of swimbaits fish differently than the others. The multi-jointed swimbait is seen as an aggressive bait. We fish the muliti-jointed swimbait at high speeds, then pause, then high speed, repeat. Take the pause at the stomp or brush.
  •           Take this multi-jointed swimbait for bass fishing in the warm afternoon when the fish are moving up on the bank. This is a great time to use the multi-jointed swimbait. When the fish are moving around we fish at dawn and dusk. Now again we go with bold colors, they seem to work really good.

The Hardware Is Important Too

  •           We want to check the hardware on the swimbait. We may have to put on double split rings. We also check to see if they have hard hangers and if not replace them. This gives the hardware more movement for the range of motion. The fish can shake off the hook without the proper hardware
  •           Here is the swimbait for bass fishing. Feel free to leave a comment or experience. I will gladly reply back

Ladies Spinning Rod And Reel Combo Kits Review

Fishing is a great sport for the whole family. It is beautiful day and the family heads out to the lake. It is warm with a slight breeze. A day to enjoy each other’s company. Fishing is not just for the men. Some women are very good at fishing too. Fishing can be a great hobby for the whole family.                                         What a better way to get the ladies and gals involved. I have selected four ladies spinning rod and reel combo kits. They are all reasonable priced on the affordable side except for one.                                                                                                                 May you find this review helpful when looking for a spinning rod and reel combo kit for women. It is a great gift for mothers day, a daughter or for that special lady. The kit comes with tackle to make that first day of fishing happen.

Plusinno Ladies Telescopic Fishing Spinning Rod And Reel Combo Kit

  •           This combo kit includes; A telescopic fishing pole; A pink spinning fishing reel; Fishing line and fishing tackle.
  •           Product: Plusinno ladies telescopic fishing rod and reel combo kit
  •           1.8m-5.91ft……… 2.1m-6.86ft
  •           Cheapest place to buy: Amazon ( you save 50% ) 4.4 out of 5 stars
  •           Guarantee: No warranty

  •           This telescopic fishing pole is made for women.The plusinno ladies telescopic fishing kit comes with weights, soft plastic lures, hooks, crank baits, swivels and accessories The rod and reel combo also comes with line too. The pole collapses down to fit inside this carry case and also holds all the tackle too
  •           This telescopic fishing pole has a non-slip grip, not to mention it collapses down making it easy to store and carry to take it anywhere. The feature makes it so it does not tangle with the other poles. This is a good quality at a low price.

Ugly Stick Ladies Spinning Combo Kit

  •           This combo kit includes: Two piece fishing pole: A spinning fishing reel: Fishing line and fishing tackle
  •           Product: Ugly stick ladies spinning combo                                                                                Cheapest place to buy:  ( 4.4 out of 5 stars )…Amazon
  •           Warranty: 7 year
  •           This two piece pole is 5 feet long in height. The pole power is light. The reel comes with 6lb mono filament line. This spinning reel is a graphite 30 size too. This includes a 64 piece tackle box that contains a variety. The ugly stick has a 7 year warranty as well.

Shakespeare Ladyfish Spinning Combo Kit

  •           This combo kit includes: A two piece fishing pole: A spinning fishing reel: Fishing line and fishing tackle
  •           Product: Shakespeare Ladyfish spinning combo kit
  •          Cheapest price to buy: Amazon ( 3 out of 5 stars )
  •           Warranty: No warranty.
  •           This is a two piece pole is a 5.2 feet and has a power of a medium. The pole has been tested. This pole is made of fiberglass. The grips on the pole have been made for women. The reel has been spooled with 6lb on it. The 64 piece tackle is provided to start you out fishing the same day. They say it is easy to use and of high quality. This rod and reel combo kit comes in “Breast Cancer Awareness” package
  •           The Shakespeare co. has been going since 1897 offering affordable fishing gear. The ugly stick comes from Shakespeare. They have something for all ages in fishing

Go-Samsara Ladies Telescopic Fishing Spinning Rod And Reel Combo Kit

  •           This combo includes: A telescopic fishing pole: A pink spinning fishing reel: Fishing line and fishing tackle
  •           Product:Go-Samsara ladies telescopic fishing rod and reel combo kit
  •          Cheapest place to buy: Amazon ( no stars )
  •           Warranty: No warranty
  •           The pole power is of super hard. This pole is made of carbon. There are no reviews nor is there anymore description on this product. It appears to show the same items as the Plusinno ladies telescopic rod and reel combo kit.

Let’s Look Over These Reviews

  •           I find the Plusinno Ladies Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo my pick 1st pick It having a 4.4 out of 5 stars. The convenience of the size and the carry case. It works well in fishing. Its reviews from customers suggest so on the size and carry case and how well it holds up while fishing. You can store it in your car and take it with you anywhere.
  •           I find the Ugly Stick Ladies Spinning Combo Kit to be my 2nd pick with 3.6 out of 5 stars. I believe this may be so do to the 5 feet height. The reviews state the pole and reel work great as well when catching fish. . This pole comes with a 7 year warranty. That’s a plus.
  •           I find the Shakespeare Ladiesfish Spinning Combo Kit my 3rd pick with 3 out 5 stars. Some reviews state they have received it broken. Others state it is an inexpensive rod and reel combo that works good
  •           I find the Go-Samsara Ladies Telescopic Fishing Rod And Reel Combo my no pick. I was unable to find out any information regarding this rod and reel combo kit for ladies. It appears to contain the same items as the is  Plusinno  ladies telescopic fishing rod and reel combo kit. At that price I pick the Plusinno ladies telescopic fishing rod and reel combo kit.

The spinning rods are flexible for lures, rigs, baits and live bait. When set up the right reel, they can be used for almost any fishing method.

Flee free to leave a comment or question on the product or your own personal review. I will response back to you.



Here We Are Going To Do Bank Fishing With Catfish Rigs

  •           Now we are going to look into bank fishing with catfish rigs. There are many rigs for catfish out there. Here we are going to look at catfish rigs from bank fishing. Just the bass fishing being popular, so is catfish fishing. When our fishing along the banks is where we do all of our fishing, these are some great catfish rigs just for that.

The High-Low RigHigh-Low Rig

  •           The high-low rig has a heavyweight on the end. Two lines with hooks that swivel. This rig is great for keeping the bait off the bottom and in the current. When bank fishing with catfish rigs this high-low rigs works well in the surf so this is the rig to have. Now you can find these rigs in all sizes and remade at your tackle store. Having the two hook lines double the chances of hooking two fish. And this allows us the chance to use two baits at the same time. This rig does not do well in snaggy areas.

Bank Fishing With Catfish Rigs–Live BaitLive Bait Rig

  •           The live bait rig. We have our weight that holds the line down and then our bait and a float on top. This live bait is able to swim around attracting the fish. Now we do this by placing a bead on each side of the swivel and locking it. Here we are our height of able to pick live bait our height of our live bait as well.

Here Is The Float RigFloat Rig

  •           The float rig. Our line sits at the height of the float. When the line is to light we can add some split shot weight to the line. Using the float keeps our bait off the bottom and at the height of the fish. We can also use live bait too. This allows us to move around and fish at different spots. It can also flow with the current of the water. There are all kinds of sizes and shapes of floats.

The Pulley Rig Is NeatPulley Rig

  •           The pulley rig is neat. We have a swivel on the main line. Then the hook and the weight is on same line. So here we put the hook onto an impact shield just above the weight. This keeps the hook and weight from tangling up with each other. You can adjust the hook line to any length we would like the hook from the bottom. And we can cast this rig much farther.

The Break-Away Rig Is EffectiveBreak Away Rig

  •           The break-away rig. It is used for a snaggy bottom. The hook stays off the bottom and the line connecting to the weight is weaker. So if we snag the weight, the lead line will break off and we do not lose all the rig itself. It is used with fast moving water and rocky bottom. The line connecting to the weight is to be strong enough to not break-away during casting and1/2 the strength of the main line.

This Rig Speaks For Itself-Fish Finder Rig

  •           The fish finder rig. This is a great bank fishing catfish rig. The fish finder rig works great for fishing on the bottom. There is a weight that slides on a main line with a bead, a swivel and a leader hook. There are various ways to rig these. You can go with a slider and attach the weight to it. The slider rig is good for swapping out various weight if fishing in a river. It is helpful to [put a knot on top of the swivel to prevent the weight from jamming. Using a fish finder rig helps to set the hook into the fish. Using a circle hook is where the fish sets the hook.

Here Is The Santee-Cooper RigSantee-Cooper Rig

  •           The santee-cooper rig. This rig is made for dragging bait on the bottom. We use this rig when fishing for big catfish running on the bottom. There is a stationary weight with a swivel, an inline float bottom and a hook. So the weight drags on the bottom and prevents the hook from snagging. We can buy the floats remade at our tackle store. On the lead to the float we can pick our own length. Now the more lead puts the hook higher from the bottom.

When Bank Fishing

  •           When bank fishing we can use a float marker to check the depth of the water before fishing if we chose too. We pick a spot. Then we can use a piece of wood that fits across our spot on the bank. Now weigh down both sides of the wood to hold it down We now can use the piece of wood as our rod holders. We can pick up some industrial ties at a hardware store. We tie our poles onto the wood. And do not forget to set our drag to max. Now we will need some bite alarms to set on each poles. We can order online or pick some up at the tackle store We are good to go.
  •           Blue gill is a great bait to use on bank fishing with catfish rigs
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  •           Your comments or question are welcomed Feel free to leave them and I will answer back.











Bass Fishing In Winter Months, Can We Catch Any Fish?

  •         Bass fishing in the winter months is where we are fishing with the fewer bites in the whole year. And this can be possibly be bigger bites for bigger bass. A location can make a difference. We look for sunny spots as well as the temperature outside too. Later in the day is where the temperature is higher.          With these conditions the bass will move into shallower waters too. We wait for our bait to fall to the bottom. Reel up the slack in the line Slowly, then hop it. This is important in the winter. By jerking the pole the line movement scares the fish.

Crankbaits Work Well In The Winter MonthsLiplesssCrank Bait

  •           Crankbaits work well with bass fishing in winter months. Like the jerk bait, we use the pause. When the crankbait smacks something, we Pause long and reel slowly. We use chose a thin body and a narrow bill for the crankbait
  •           Working with lip less crankbait we are slower to reel up, which allows it to drop deeper and stay deeper. We rig it up and let it fall. The lip less crankbait is a good search bait.

Other Baits That Work Good In The Winter MonthsDrop ShotJerk Bait

  •           We can do bass fishing in winter months and use a drop shot. Here is where we want to shorten our weight to 1 or 2 or 3 inches from the hook. Now the bass is going to be sitting on the bottom due to the cold and we will get more bites from lowering the weight. Now with it sitting on the bottom, we just drag it. The bass are not going to be moving mush so we don’t need much action. It sets right in front of the bass. We do not shake the line on a drop shot.
  •           The jerk bait is a real good in winter months bait. With jerk bait we twitch, titch and let the bait sink. Do Not Reel In The Slack. We stop the pause longer. We do everything slowly. Staying at the bottom is important.

What The Large Swim Bait And Spinner Bait Can doLarge Swim BitSpinner Bait

  •           Large swim baits work good, just like the spinner baits. Now here is where the swim bait does well in clear waters. We are able to move slower with the swim bait.
  •           Spinner baits excel in winter months in the cold water. Bass fish go to the deep parts or near rocks or rock ledges or where its warmer at the bottom. Moving the spinner bait slower is more effective in cold waters. Now the spinner bait is poor in clear waters.

Shaky Head Works For Bass Fishing In Winter MonthsShaky Head

  •           The weighted head sits on the bottom which allows the soft plastic body to lightly move around as it drags slowly. Leave it sits more then the dragging. This works well in the cold waters.
  •           We can use jigs too. On jigs, we pick blue and bl ack on the colors. Also, we go with a crawdad on the bottom. Here again, we slowly drag it. This is important.

We Still Can Fish In The Winter Months

    •           One more thing when it comes to fishing for bass in the winter months. We want to use a low stretch line is recommended because the slow moving of the bait on the bottom. And the depth to feel the line. We can hold a finger on the line to feel a reaction sooner. The bass are moving slow or not at all in the cold water
  •           Feel free to leave a comment or questions. I will response back to them. Thank you

Looking Into A High End Fishing Rod-Piscifun Serpent One Piece IM7 Rod Review

Piscifun Serpent One Piece IM7 Carbon Blank Casting Rod Review

The description states ” Piscifun serpent one piece bait casting rod, Fuji line guides, IM7 carbon blank casting rod, tournament performance, lightweight, well balance fishing rod incredibly sensitive”. This sounds like a high end fishing rod. The Piscifun serpent IM7 rod review .                                                                Product: Piscifun serpent one piece IM7 carbon blank fishing rod.                                                                                                                                                                                 Cheapest place to buy:

IM7 Carbon Blank

  •         These serpent fishing rod are made up of their high standard IM7. They say ze ro coatin g with a x shaped carbon fiber blank. This makes it 10 percent lessen the weight and 50 percent tougher than some o ther rods. Put together with all of these parts delivers sensitivity and strength.Carbon Blank

Fuji Guides

  •         The deep pressed frame give this rod powerful durability in some extreme situations in fishing by using contact fro m the frame and in sert. This quality inserts gives great strength to battles and casts for different lines. All in all this serpent rod comes with high quality Fuji line guides. The Fuji guides have a neat little design to hold up and not fall apart.Fuji Guides

Premium An ti slip Grips

  •         This comfortable and non-slip handle works in all conditions handling big fish and hook sets, Its durable with long casts. The grip on the rod is incredible. Its golf like grips wet or sweaty hands does not slip on the handle. This non-slip grip gives a great performance in a day of catching big fish.

These Rods Are Top Notch Level

  •         The rods are tested by pros as well designe d for pros to make sure you are good to go with the right rod at a great price. All of this equals a high end fishing rods.

Worry Free Warranty

  •         The Piscifun rods also come with a warranty as well. They stand behind their products.

A High End Fishing Rod

Piscifun Serpent One Piece Baitcasting Rod – Fuji Line Guides, IM7 Carbon Blank Casting Rod, Tournament Performance, Lightweight, Well Balanced Fishing Rod Incredibly Sensitive 7’6″ H

  •         Men and women test the limits at their best. In tournament conditions, using the right rod and reel combo makes all the difference. With new technology they came up with a rod that not only is strong, but light and sensitive as well. The rod is very well-balanced. This rod has great strength for the big bite, but sensitive for the little bites too. They say its great for throwing a lipless cranks, jigs and topwater. There is a neat little feature, a nice hook keeper. Piscifun has its logo on the rod too.Stats